Soonyu is a designed children‘s clothing brand. This time it invites Z.H.D.I to design the new shop. The focus is to break through the clichéd brand impression “eco” and “comfortable”, and change people’s mindset of children must be “children”. Some most basic materials, together with different mechanical installations are used to present a space of minimalism, fashion and imagination. The design echoes well with Soonyu’s brand concept meanwhile strengthens its brand positioning.


Orange glass partition and light box are used at the entrance, which increase the visual impact to the passing flow, and provide the space for future themed activities and art installations. Functional areas including the cashier, dressing room and warehouse are spread out in a minimalist way in the relevant poor selling area. The color of yellow and white are used in parallel to increase the space vitality.


The design emphasizes the use of shelf structure. The main shelf against the wall aims to present a mechanical order, a feeling of lightness on the whole. Therefore, transparent acrylic is used for the vertical poles. The acrylic makes the vertical poles look missing, thus creating a visual effect of the upper horizontal pole floating in the air. Meanwhile the transparent vertical poles form an interesting interplay with the shadow of the horizontal pole projected on the wall. The small exhibition booth applies the same theory, which weakens the presence of the vertical poles. The moving shelf on the other hand reflects on Soonyu’s idea of fashion sports. It realizes the function of side hanging and flat display by deconstruction and reorganizing.


Considering the fact of new-opening efficiency and the cost, etc., the design of the space mainly relies on the shelf structure. The shelves, presented in different ways, fill out the space with a vivid rhythm. The ultimate purpose is to realize the perfect display of Soonyu’s clothing and reflect on its unique brand atmosphere.