新时代购物模式的转变和消费者追求高层次的影响下,零售空间的设计越来越多的注重消费者的品牌体验。在Balabala的机场零售空间概念店上,杜兹设计从空间体验和品牌与用户的联系出发,打造了一个“云上的 Balabala”

Under the influence of the new shopping model and level of consumers, the retail space design is increasingly focusing on brand experience. At Balabala’s retail concept store in an airport, DUTS Design created a “Balabala above the cloud” concept, starting from the space experience and the connection between the brand and consumers.

设计的开始 Start of the design


the store for Balabala designed by DUTS Design is located in the Beijing Daxing Airport terminal S-F02-031.This airport is the latest work of the architect Zaha Hadid.It is currently the largest single airport terminal in the world.For the view of the sky,the shape of “Lucky Cloud” is particularly spectacular and is already a well-known architectural icon.



“Instead of turning Balabala Airport store into a single retail space,why not integrate Balabala‘s own brand genes with the visual elements of Daxing Airport?” Said Zhong Ling,creative director of DUTS Design.With this logic,designers plan to move “Lucky Cloud” into a retail store with an area of only 62 square meters.



As an airport store,compared to other retail stores in commercial areas,users are generally willing to spend more time to stay,and Balabala has been exploring the experience and expression of children‘s lifestyles,so airport retail stores are very suitable for brands to connect with its customers.The premise is to attract children first,letting them to take the initiative to enter the store,and then maximize the retention of children and parents.



Therefore,in the most suitable position of the space,DUTS Design created a unique “Lucky Cloud” for Balabala,making it a visual connection for the users and the brand.Parents can learn about the brand here,and the children can be immersed in a Balabala‘s “Cloud Space”.

参数化的“祥云”  Parameterized “Lucky Cloud”


The entire project covers an area of 62 square meters.How to “plug” a cloud in a small commercial space to create a stunning visual effect,and also ensure SKU display requirements to meet people‘s visual and shopping experience at the same time?


Through the research and calculation of models and images of the cloud,a rich circulation space is created,while satisfying the free flow of people and the maximizing the product display area.After many analyses and attempts on space height and peripheral spacing,the design streamline can meet the continuous and diverse experience of children and adult customers.



The designer hopes that the construction can be reproduced by the digital model.In the choice of materials,the use of wood in conjunction with the resin material provides a real and flexible feeling for the space.With the help of digital construction technology,not only a higher degree of restoration model but also a shorter construction period through the block assembly.



For Balabala,this “Lucky Cloud”,full of varying shapes,and flowing spaces like clouds and water are inspiring children to think about things from different angles and points of view,boosting their imagination.


收纳功能强大的“技术墙”  Powerful storage “technical wall”


For children,the “Lucky Cloud” brings childishness and imagination,but the essence of retail space still has certain commercial attributes.How to satisfy the needs of parents at the same time?


DUTS Design has created a powerful “technical wall” around the store.The 45-degree beveled vertical partition can hide and display products,allowing the display space to be well divided into different sub-spaces but giving the feeling of being a single unique piece.At the same time,when visitors walk through the store,they can clearly find suitable products.



The integrated design of the “technical wall” uses high-level gray to set off the pure white of “Lucky Cloud” and the overall color is pure and simple,which makes the colorful children‘s merchandise display more vivid.The space has a strong sense of modernity,and its elegant shape is also in line with the aesthetics of the new generation of parents after the 80s.


“云上的巴拉巴拉” 所具备的未来感与大兴机场的整体建筑的科技感融为一体。后续杜兹设计又沿着风格操刀设计了巴拉巴拉武汉机场等零售空间店,从而诞生了一个“云上系列”。

The futuristic sense of “Balabala above the Cloud” is integrated with the technological sense of the overall construction of Daxing Airport.Subsequent DUTS Design followed the design of Balabala store in Wuhan Airport,resulting in a “cloud series”.