LP Auto Gallery是由一名杰出青年企业家(L)及一名专业车手(P)共同创立。致力于重新定义超级跑车与改装的艺术融合,聆听客户的声音,结合精湛的机械技术,每一辆交付给客户的车必定都是唯一。

LP Auto Gallery is co-founded by an outstanding young entrepreneur (L) and a professional racing driver (P). The Gallery focuses on redefining the artistic integration of supercars and refitted vehicles. LP Auto Gallery learns about the needs of the customers based on the advanced mechanical technology to make sure that every vehicle delivered to the customer is bound to be the exclusive one.


用设计的语言来实现LP Auto Gallery的上述理念是设计师的目标。

The aim of the designer is to actualize the above concept of the Gallery through language of design.


To highlight the feeling of “integration” and to emphasize the dominant role of people and vehicles, the designer decides to avoid fancy design and decorations and to filter out impurities. Plain base color is adopted and cement, steel plate, ultra clear glass, matt white latex paint, etc. are used as main materials to turn the whole space into a Grey. Container of plain industry- style.

02 03 04 05


The visual effect delivered by the grey industry-style is highly matched with the theme of refitted vehicles. However, large scale use of grey color is easy to bring visitors a feeling of oppression; fortunately theceilingof this space is high enough, and the designer has added lighting considerately at corners of the space; thus creates an open vision for the whole space, and makes the leading roles of this space – people and vehicles particularly striking. In this container, with plain color set as background, the bright color super cars, shuttling customers and workers interact harmoniously under the light.

06 07


The high ceiling makes it possible for the designer to divide the space vertically. According to its functions, the space is divided into two floors. The first floor includes a showcase area, a reception area, a refit & maintenance area, and a cleaning area. The second floor includes a grandstand area and lounge area. Each functional area with different heights allows guests to look at the space through multiple perspectives, and adds more fun to this grey space as well.

09 10


As what the “Gallery” concept describes, this is not a traditional “vehicles space” any more, it is a space where guests could convey and exchange ideas about art. Upon walking into this space, guests are able to enjoy the driving, refitting, maintenance and even cleaning here. Vehicles have transcended the material realm, and have become the embodiment of beauty, and the sensation created by the collision and condenses of all kinds of emotions.

plan (1) plan (2)

平面图 Plan


项目名称:灰.容器| LP AUTO GALLERY






项目地点:广东佛山 广佛智城




摄        影:欧阳云

Project Name: Grey. Container| LP AUTO GALLERY

Chief Designer:  HE Xiao-Ping, LI Xing-Lin

Design Implementation: CAI Tie-Lei

Project Team: YU Guo-Neng, WU Meng-Long, HE Liu-Wei, ZENG Xiang-Ru

Design Company: C.DD (www.cddesign.cn)

Construction Company: Ji Mu Engineering

Location: Future Town, Foshan, Guangdong, China

Area: 750㎡

Main Materials: cement, steel plate, ultra clear glass, matt white latex paint

Completion Date: September, 2015

Photographer:  OUYANG Yun


创立于2009年,始终坚持“设计不单只是一种生产服务,更是一种思维方式与生活态度”的价值理念。团队整合了建筑设计、空间设计、工程把控、陈设艺术及品牌视觉服务,以 “构筑心灵舞台,实现共同梦想;专注最高品质设计与服务,为客户创造最大价值;探讨创新,发掘崭新生活形态”作为公司的发展核心,并将其贯穿于整个创造、制作、运营和服务工作中。

C.DD was established in 2009. It always adheres to the concept of “Design is not only a kind of production service, but also a way of thinking and an attitude towards life”.  The team delivers architecture design, space design, engineering control, art of display and brand vision design services. The opinion “to build the theater of the mind and to realize our shared dream; to focus on providing top quality design and service to create the greatest value for clients; to innovate and to explore brand new lifestyle” is regarded as the core of development of the company. And this opinion penetrates throughout its creation, production, operation and service.


CDD-【创始人、总设计师】- 李星霖、何晓平

李星霖 | 喜欢总结生活中的不同乐趣,力图打破固有模式,综合理性和感性的思维从不同角度寻求创新可能,让人感受不同的设计体验。

Li Xing-Lin – Love to summarize different kinds of fun in life, attempt to break the stereotype and to seek for innovation possibilities from different angles through comprehensive use of rational and perceptual thinking in order to bring people different experience of design.

何晓平 | 设计是一种理念、价值、生活方式的传播。设计没有固定的形式,好的设计应该满足使用者需求,在满足功能之余产生情感与趣味,这是我们为之动容的使命。

He Xiao-Ping – design is to spread some kind of idea, value and lifestyle. It has no fixed form, and good designs should meet the needs of its users. Emotion and fun will be created while meeting functional needs; that is why we are crazy about design.