“nest.”is a light lifestyle brand focusing on coffee and desserts in Foshan, Guangdong.“ nest.” is the meaning of birds building their nests and making their homes, aiming to create a comfortable leisure space somewhere in the city. The project is located on a corner of a local commercial street, surrounded by a large number of office buildings and residences. It hopes to provide a natural relaxation place for the surrounding busy working people and residents.


The original space is a wall with a length of 14 meters. Based on the fact that the “nest.” is a place for birds to feel at ease, our design idea also developed the concept of “a relaxing nest” for the entire space.


The interior space uses full-face glass windows and folding glass doors. This design makes the boundary between indoors and outdoors blurred as much as possible, and customers can enjoy the street view from the inside. It also allows natural light to enter the interior, making small indoor relaxation areas bright and comfortable.


It is woven from the indoor branches through the fa?ade and extends to the outdoors, separating different outdoor areas. At the same time, the green planting box is used as the boundary between the storage space and the street, and it integrates with the surrounding environment in an eco-friendly state.


We placed the abstract bird shape on the branch, and gave the people who stayed and rested a hint of association with the design concept of “the kite line will never break”


The spacing material is made of solid wood, matched with light warm-colored real stone paint and rich plants to create a warm and natural atmosphere, making people feel the temperature and comfort of the “nest”. Through the placement of the fa?ade glass, the streetscape is merged into the space, and the space becomes a landscape, which is interdependent with the surrounding environment.


Lightweight and overlapping solid wood furniture is mainly used in the space, which is convenient for arrangement and storage in the morning and evening. At the same time, the quantity can be changed and adjusted at any time according to the change in the flow of people.


In the city, you always need a place to slow down when you are tired. We hope that through this abstract “nesting” approach, we try to re-understand people as “individuals in nature”. Explore the relationship between space and people’s mental state, and provide a new choice and possibility in a variety of business environments.




项目名称:nest 奈拾









Project Information——

Project Name:nest Nai Shi

Designed:Whatever Design Office

Design time:July 2022

Completion time:September 2022

The main creative and design team:Li Junbo, Tang Wenqi, Yu Sizing

Project address:No. 20, Denghu West Road, Guicheng Street, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Building area:110㎡

Photography:Hino Photo Studio

Materials used:real stone paint, aluminum plate, solid wood, burnt fir