“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life.”

——Henry David Thoreau


Thoreau lived deep and sturdily on the shore of Walden Pond and left the collection of essays full of philosophy, which has a profound effect on the word. That people would read and seek for the comfort when they lose the peace of life. Life shall never be stuck in one certain form, it could be various and changeable, relaxed and simple, in which case everyone has their own Walden cabin.

▲选自1939年精装版《瓦尔登湖》,插画作者 托马斯·W·内森

Walden, Or Life in the Woods ,Hardcover, January 1, 1939, by Henry David Thoreau (Author), Thomas W. Nason (Illustrator)


The meaning of WALDEN

WALDEN出自《瓦尔登湖》,我们用WALDEN一词作为设计的观点将其解释为:“回归自然、原始,在粗旷的氛围中营造一份独有的精致感” “简单、舒服、安静、不刻意装饰而富有环境感” “对人有包容性的场所感”,可以理解为一种生活方式、一种风格调性、一种设计哲学。

WALDEN is come from Walden, Or Life in the Woods. We use it as a design method, which can also be regard as mode of life, artistic style and design philosophy. It can be taken as the feeling from unique exquisite living environment based on nature and primitive life, or as the touch of simple, comfortable and quiet atmosphere come from minimal decoration, or as the sense of belonging from certain scene.

WALDEN COFFEE选址于喧嚣的深圳核心商务区的一处街角,这里可轻松到达附近的写字楼、住宅、商场、地铁,希望它能为附近社区的人们提供一片独享的小小天地,置身其中可以专注地享受自己独处的时光。通过咖啡的融合、自然环境的引入、灵活的空间布置、原始质朴的材料选择,还原了一个闹中取静惬意轻松的社区街角空间。

WALDEN COFFEE is located in the corner of the core business district in Shenzhen, where you can easily reach the office buildings, residentials, shopping malls and subway stations. We hope it could offer a small piece of world for the neighbors where they feel at home as well as enjoy the time. We try to create a peaceful community corner in the noisy environment by combining the element of coffee and rustic material, bringing in natural environment and arranging the space flexibly.


It is completely opened to the street, which blurs the boundary between indoor and outdoor, and leads a free way for the customers, thus creates the public and leisure corner for community. 



“I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society.”

——Henry David Thoreau

▲图解分析:以WALDEN中的木屋作为设计原型,提取屋的框架置入空间,抽象 “屋”的形态让空间尺度更亲近,也更具有识别性和体验感,让空间边界、家具、动线形成更有趣的关系。

Axonometric diagram: Based on the cabin from Walden, we extract the wooden frame and put it in the street corner. The abstract form of HOUSE makes the space much closer and more recognizable as well as brings customers more abundant experience. The scale mode of HOUSE blends in the environment harmoniously and makes the relationship much more fascinating among boundary, furniture and circulation.


We carry out the layout of the space around the frame, which we try our best to make it flexible and changeable. Unlike other crowded retails, we prefer to contribute quality products and social experience by providing large and cozy couch where people can rest as long as they want. 


The vague border, massive blank, and shrunken scale existing in this area make people feel stable and comfortable.


The unobstructed space handles the indoor and outdoor materials into a unified frame work and integrates the views on both sides as well. It feels like in the woods which makes the experience diverse and amusing.

▲墙壁、屋架、家具整体设计相互渗透、包裹,the interpenetration of wall, frame and furniture

▲借助于窗外的自然景观营造出独一无二的场所感,create the splendid atmosphere by bring in the natural view


WALDEN is a place during urban, nature and home


We believe that retail spaces in the city shall carry more social value. With this method, we build this space by minimizing the branding strategy, and maximizing the natural and public property of the community, thereby to make it a much more pleasant place and provide more social activities. The street life and views outside are brought directly inside by the massive French windows and full-size sliding doors, which at the same time provides the scene of free community and lights up the block with vitality and vigor.


The natural view from outside becomes the best background, and the wooden structure becomes the finder frame for this wonderful scene. 


As the night is falling, the warm light from the corner café illuminates the surroundings, and becomes a guidepost in the community. 

▲次入口窗前的座位,the seats beside the secondary entrance


Other than the current trend of retail stores focusing on the online celebrities, youth and too much emphasis on personality, WALDEN makes the effort to provide more inclusive atmosphere. We hope it can bring in people with different personalities and ages, including joggers back from their morning run, the couple after walking the puppies, the coffee mate reading or talking about beans, the freelancers absorbing in typing, the businessmen discussing business, the neighbors talking about stock market, the bloggers taking pictures, the ladybros tasting the cake, the mother accompanying kids who take online courses. The charm of WALDEN is that it gathers all sorts of people together in the same space and still can create a harmonious environment. This is the place where everyone can find their own seat to kill time and enjoy a cup of coffee. Therefore, it is described as the“Light of the Community”.


Different types of furniture provide a variety of seating arrangements, and offer guests a better sense of peace and comfort.

▲可自由移动的方桌便于满足单人或多人的就坐需求,the removable tables meet the needs of solitude or multiple people

▲舒适坐感的沙发更为友好、适合久坐,comfortable couch provides a longer and cozier rest

▲接待区视角,the view of reception


We consider design as a reflection for the combination of the cognition of the retail store and customer behaviors, rather than just something based on the sensory stimulation. We should start from studying the essence of consumption behavior, not only what kind of space people would experience, but also where and how the product would be presented.

▲独立的手冲区域创造出更多产品体验和社交机会,the pour-over bar provides more opportunities for product exhibition and social activities

▲手冲吧台细节,the detail of pour-over bar


There is a private box inside the pour-over bar area which meets the various functional requirements such as creating alone, friends gathering, business negotiation and small meetings.

▲手冲区域朝向次入口视角,the view of secondary entrance from the pour-over bar

▲手冲区域朝向包厢视角,the view of private box from the pour-over bar

▲开合包厢视角,the view of private box

▲开合包厢朝向手冲区域视角,The view of private box towards the pour-over bar


The communication among materials creates the atmosphere of space

“我在壁炉周围的砖块间塞上了从湖岸搬来的石头,也用从那里弄来的白沙拌了灰浆……屋子四壁从底到顶都加了木瓦,装修的时候,每一枚钉子能一锤到位让我满心愉悦。” ——梭罗

“I filled the spaces between the bricks about the fireplace with stones from the pond shore, and also made my mortar with the white sand from the same place.……My house had in the meanwhile been shingled down to the ground on every side. In lathing I was pleased to be able to send home each nail with a single blow of the hammer.”——Henry David Thoreau


WALDEN abandons the industrialized materials, and as much as possible to bring back and show the original properties and handmade quality of the raw materials. We search for the bottom of the material on the condition that there is a lifting relationship from the original roughness to the smooth delicacy.


The material extending from the wall to the ceiling combines into the shell and embraces the whole space


The massive blank brings out the distinctively textured wall, wooden structure and floor.


The wrapped-up fiberboard texture creates a soft and comfortable atmosphere.

▲木框构造细部,wooden frame detail


WALDEN proposes the idea of extremeness, simplicity and relaxation. We consider the subtraction and integration as the prime method during the design process, and try to avoid something redundant. Aiming to create the extreme sense of environment with the minimum elements we take actions such as combining the furniture and wall, assembling the light, bar and frame.

▲窗边休息区视角,the view from the rest area near the window


The worn and messy woods, complete and warm fiberboards, rustic potteries, modest plants, the cortex covered with traces of use, soft fabrics, swanking abaca……all these materials with different characters join in the conversation of the space and build a splendid sense of delicacy in the environment which seems rough and disordered. When light as the final decoration is put into the space where the martials, the aroma of the coffee and leaking music and everything mixed together, the space becomes fluent and stable, and the materials become wild and warm. In the end, this is what we are chasing for, the sense of unique and comfort.

▲构造细部,structure detail


The advantages of stability and accuracy of industrial materials are abandoned; hence it requires much more sincerity and pursuit to present the quality of natural material. The materials are carefully selected and hand polished one after another by the craftsmen. We consider this state and value as what WALDEN should present.

▲材料细部,material detail




项目位置:深圳 南山









Project Information——


Project Location:Nanshan, Shenzhen, China

Interior Designers:Point Red Studio

Lead Designer:Guochao Song

Designers:Norma Yang, Lin Kong, Xuefei Cheng

Project Manager:Cong Han

Project Area:195㎡

Project Schedule:2021.12

Main materials:old wood, fiberboard, stone

Photographer:Weiqi Jin