Taikoo Li, different inside and outside, do not have a hole in the sky.Lively and hustle and bustle, surrounded by order, clear steps, countless people here to find approval or win the focus, and more business combinations are scattered, only a wall, both in a wide range, and away from the rules, unique and cozy.


The two seem to be conflicting magic, but in fact they complement each other. As time blends, they gradually become one and the same. In this state, it seems that they have realized the slogan that was set at the beginning of the opening of Taikoo Licheng in Chengdu.

一如Pause coffee太古里新店,游离与秩序与肆意之间,想借由喝一杯咖啡这个动作,给太古里这个极具包容性的场域带来一些别样的可能与体验。

Like Pause coffee, the new store in Taikooli, between freedom and order and coziness, wants to take a cup of coffee to bring some different possibilities and experiences to this inclusive field of Taikoo.

Part1克制、风格与距离Restraint, style and distance


If you really want to set a new tone for the new store, then it is like the skateboarding teenagers in the youth community of Daci Temple, with a sense of negligence and coolness, and jump out of the impression of the neighboring community temperament, a step It is incomparably natural and casual to walk into the realm of Taikoo, and become restrained.

黑、灰两色包裹着空间“外壳”,内部银与白的高频出现,无一不透露着Pause coffee开始尝试新的风格——并非一昧的扮酷,而是以更具质感的模样与太古里恰到好处地融为一体。

The black and gray colors enclose the space “shell”, and the internal silver and white high frequency appear, all of which reveals that Pause coffee has begun to try new styles – not a slap in the face, but a more textured look. It is a perfect blend with Taikoo Li.

Part2看见与看不见Seeing and not seeing


How to present relatively independent content in a limited space, and at the same time reflect the unique beauty of the design based on the equipment and the guests arriving at the store? – We hope to use the rich details presented in the space as the answer to this question.If you have a careful count, you will find that in the four-seat coffee shop in this space, the materials used are far more than four categories.


The 3-meter-long matte stainless steel folding window, while giving the space a unique degree of recognition, also becomes a window connecting the inside and the outside, so that the outer pendulum area is integrated with the inside.When the first time enters the interior of the space, the silver-plated steel elements in the room will wrap the ground and the work area, and the unique coolness of the metal material will spread through the space visually. In this big tone, the terrazzo joins. It makes this cool a bit more refined, making it a whole level.


In addition, the use of brass shelves, wooden table boards, leather cushions and glass bricks under the bar, all reveals the careful consideration of different functional requirements in the design of materials.

Part3 Less is more

或许有人会说:“Pause coffee变了。”可一如人在不同场合下会换上不同的着装一般,当Pause来到太古里,它亦会为了这个场域而装扮一新,可它却依旧是Pause,它的柔软藏在冷峻的骨骼之下,只有懂得人才会发现。

Some people may say: “pause coffee has changed.”It can be replaced with different dresses on different occasions. When pause arrives in Taikoo, it will also be dressed up for this field, but it is still pause, its softness is hidden in the cold bones. Underneath, only people who know it will find out.


For example, under the simple and neat lines inside the space, the guest leaves a gentle arc curve; just as there is no strange glass brick under the bar, as the sky darkens, the soft light returns from the transparent brick. Silk overflows; as in the space that seems to be “ruled” by cool colors, orange is still the finishing touch, appearing in the door, outside and inside walls.The pause is changed, it becomes more diverse and not limited.


Pause takes root in Taikoo with its own unrestricted attitude, and also offers another lifestyle possibility for this high-end and exquisite social scene – a time of a cup of coffee, a false holiday.




项目设计 & 完成年份:2019年6月 & 2019年8月

主创及设计团队:ATMOSPHERE 氣象建築

主创:Tommy Yu

设计团队:Deniel Hwang ,Norma Lee ,Vivi Lee


Area:12 sqm

摄影版权:形在建筑空间摄影 贺川

Project information——

Project name:PAUSE COFFEE


Project Complete:August 2019

Leader designer & Team:ATMOSPHERE ARCHITECTS

Design in charge:Tommy Yu

Space Design:Deniel Hwang, Norma Lee, Vivi Lee

Project location:Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, Chengdu, China

Area:12 sqm

Photo credits:Here Space Photography Chuan He