Quiero1Café位于Los Palos Grandes,Caracas市新商业提案和城市生活最繁荣的地区。作为一家开业多年致力于推广委内瑞拉咖啡文化的快闪店,ObraVerde事务所所面临的挑战是,如何打造优质、简朴又注重细节的Quiero1Café第一家长期店。设计策略从一开始就是通过设计元素、施工工艺和技术来展示品牌的这些基本特征,象征着咖啡生产的手工工艺。

Quiero1Café is a Specialty Coffee located in Los Palos Grandes, Caracas, the area with the greatest boom in terms of new commercial proposals and urban life within the city.After several years of existing as a Pop-Up bar dedicated to promoting the culture and appreciation of Venezuelan coffee, the challenge posed to ObraVerde was the creation of the brand‘s first store under the parameters of quality, simplicity, attention to detail and taste for the local and artisanal processes. The design strategy was, from the beginning, to showcase those fundamental characteristics of the brand through design elements, construction processes and techniques, symbolizing the artisanal processes of the coffee production.




In a 355 sqft (33 m2 sq ft), the main element is an “L” shaped espresso and a brew bar that allows the interaction between customers and baristas. This counter also houses the cash register and bakery display. The visual focus is placed on the coffee roaster machine at the back of the store, so that the process of roasting coffee can be visible and accessible. Tables with benches and bars with stools were designed especially for Quiero1Café, and arranged to create different costumer experiences within the small space.





All the finish elements and construction materials were sourced from local producers. The counter top is a 3 piece, built on site, gray terrazzo and new walls were built with red clay blocks filled with cement. Furniture and shelves are made of natural pine plywood with matte finish and black metal profiles as structure. The highlight element is a ceramic mural handcrafted on the main wall of the Coffee and inside the restroom. Which was made using standard 30×30 white ceramic cut by hand in 5 different modular pieces and carefully installed according to the pattern designed by ObraVerde.




Custom designed and made pine wood lighting is another fundamental element within the atmosphere designed for Quiero1Café. Conceived as a linear spotlight system with turned wooden screens and 3 linear pendant lamps placed over the bar and seating area.



The project was complemented with natural indoor plants and the brand’s coffee related decorative objects that help tell the story of the brand and showcase Venezuelan coffee culture. Coffee objects such as tampers and filter holders were used in design elements like doorknobs



Working with small spaces inspires us to make the most of each square feet,optimizing not only the functionality in the disposition of all the equipment but also acknowledging the relevance of each element placed in the design. The result is a cozy space, simple but filled with details,designed for the enjoyment and encouragement of coffee culture and contemporary Venezuelan design.







项目地点:委内瑞拉 Caracas,Los Palos Grandes




摄影:Saul Yuncoxar

Project information——

Project name:QUIERO1CAFE

Project location:Los Palos Grandes, Caracas, Venezuela

Design firm:ObraVerde

Project area:33㎡


Photography:Saul Yuncoxar