Teaspira is a modern teahouse located in Wuhan,China,which focuses on a series of selected cold and hot hand-made tea drinks,as well as fresh bakery products. Its aim is to provide a modern gathering place for customers,also create an artistic link between tradition and modernity.

店铺为改造项目,在经营策略有所转变后业主邀请了南筑设计作为木从久提质改造的设计方 。

It is a renovation project,and the owner invited Nonezone Space Atelier as the designer for upgrading and renovation after a change in its business strategy.

品牌如人,需要被塑造身份与性格 商业空间能够被记住则需要识别度,对木从久的第一印象来自于“跳跃的格栅”。

Just like the human being,a brand also requires its own identity and character,and hence the commercial space cannot be remembered unless it has its identifiability. For example,the first impression of Teaspira comes from the “jumping grilles”.

将阵列的原木做成新立面的主要元素区隔内外,其中木片设置了暗藏旋转五金,每片均可以旋转,视线与空间从私密与开放可以随时切换 。

The log arrays are made into the main elements of the new facade,which are used to divide the internal and outer space,among which the wood chips are equipped with hidden rotating hardware and each chip can rotate. Therefore,for the line of sight,the intimate and open space can be switched at any time.

朝向商场阳台的一侧保留了大面的玻璃 在另一侧的格栅则作为了空间的“第二立面”。

The large-scale glazing is retained on one side facing the balcony of the shopping mall,while the grille on the other side serves as the “second facade” of the space.

客座区抬高地面与服务区隔离开来 地板材质与格栅一同构成了木色为主基调的形象色彩。

The rising floor in the guest area separate here from the service area,and the flooring material and grille together form an image color based on the wood color.



In the design of furniture,the calm black hue is integrated with the business atmosphere,to provide a place of recreation outside the office for the surrounding office workers.The combinations of single chairs and sofas respectively consider the psychological needs of customers in different positions,and the fully mobile furniture gives the future activities a more flexible combining form.






主创及设计团队:苏阳 张峰率 陈莹

项目地址:湖北 武汉