Kama local gourmet”是一个在中东地区销售优质烹饪产品的新兴品牌,商店在去年11月开业,为顾客提供线下体验各种产品的空间。这栋40年代的老建筑经过翻新,成为约旦安曼“Kama”的办公室和主要陈列室。

a special local thriving brand, selling the highest quality culinary products from the Middle East, ‘Kama local gourmet’ the showroom was open to the public last November to offer their clients a variety of products under a spatial communal experience. The 1940s old building was renovated to house the offices and main showroom of “Kama” in Amman, Jordan.



The main street front was opened up to expose the space inside through a long stretch transparent glass and metal façade.



The showroom interior was designed around three main concepts that reflects best the brand; locality, community and growth. Middle Eastern food is about the shared dining experience whether it’s cooking or eating. Hence two main stone masses were positioned to celebrate the communal in ‘Kama’; one is a grounded heavy mass that resembles the kitchen, to offer the guests a full sensory experience of taste touch and smell… The other element is the “Sufra” which translates as “dining table”; a communal table sitting as the main spine of the space. Made also from local Ma’an stone yet suspended on 4 metal legs offering lightness to the heavy.


商店背景是“Mouneh Wall”,意思是“食品储藏室”,反映了“Kama”的成长性,展架的布置能随季节、主题和员工需求的变化而变化。色彩的灵感来自橄榄树叶子,它象征着长寿、毅力和成长。

The backdrop is the “Mouneh Wall” which translates as “pantry”, reflects growth in ‘Kama’, designed as a flexible dynamic elevation that changes by season, theme and need by the staff. The color was inspired by the olive tree leaves colors which is a symbol of longevity, perseverance and growth.



6 mobile drawer units were designed to offer more flexibility in the layout and display, each with a set of sliding wooden boxes held by a minimal steel structure that can be carried around, creating a dynamic ever-changing display of products.







项目名称:Kama local gourmet烹饪用品零售店

设计事务所:Dina Haddadin

建筑师:Khalid Ali

项目业主:Kama Local Gourmet




摄影:David Matthew Walters

Project information——

Project Name:Kama local gourmet

Design Firm:Dina Haddadin

Architect: Khalid Ali

Project Owner: Kama Local Gourmet


Floor Area:60㎡

Location:Amman, Jordan

Photography:David Matthew Walters