This project is located on the 19th floor of Fuzheng Building in Baotou City, with a construction area of 1350 square meters and a frame structure architecture. As numerous artworks have been collected during its business journey, the owner wish to showcase these using this space. The space is positioned as a comprehensive art center, with multi-functions including artwork display, gallery, clubhouse, office, etc. The integration between art center, clubhouse and office is the key pursuit of the owner.

“The Folding Gallery”


This space is the core area of the project, functioning as a high-end art display area, used to display the owner’s collection of art for many years. The design revolves around the two pillars on the site, creating a set of installation designs. This installation is a set of space corridors formed by repeated turns and interspersed combinations of rectangular bodies. The three-dimensional space arrangement is based on rectangular blocks. The space system obtained by deconstructing and reorganizing the shape of the corridor is the basic form. This arrangement re-divides and recombines the space. The spatial relationship and internal and external flow lines formed by it allow the audience to experience the space in each direction. Every angle of rotation has an unique image, giving the audience an immersive style. This multi-level spatial architecture is fine addition of experiences to the original monolayer of space. Meanwhile, the display space formed by this installation also presents the artworks in a multi-level approach, which endows a spatial interaction between the audience and the artwork.


The concept of “folding gallery” originated from the owner’s plan for the key art display region and the exploit of space. First of all, the owners of this area hope to have a distinguish way of display, with an unbounded function and a free-style formation, which features a certain cultural connotation. With a careful consideration on the whole level, the designer interprets this space with a set of deduced corridor plans. This deconstructs and reorganizes the “corridor”, and make up the corridor with “turns and intersects”, forming a set of device designs with both modern aesthetic needs and cultural connotation. Secondly, there are two original building pillars in this area of the site. These two pillars not only fail form a spatial system organization, but also interfere with the overall line of sight. Therefore, this scheme must be removed among the shapes by a technical approach. The emergence “folding gallery” managed to solve this issue, as the visual obstacle has been taken care of by an unique special arrangement which reflected both aesthetic value and functional capabilities.


The “folding gallery” has multiple functions. First, it is an area of art exhibition, which features a group of exhibition gallery installations. Secondly, it is an area of group of activity, which can be used for new product launch. In that case, the “folding gallery” will be used as a background, and its south side will be the new product launch venue.


In addition to the new product launch conference, there is an independent office area on the south side of the “folding gallery”. These two areas are combined seamlessly by the “folding gallery”, and presenting the functions in a spatial manner.

The comprehensive exhibition region


This area is located on the north and west sides of the site. A set of booths and exhibition walls are built on both sides of a main visitor passage. It is an escalating manner of display. The space design of this area allows visitors to follow the main passage while enjoy the beauty of the artwork which paves the way for the “folding gallery” region. When visitors pass through this area, they arrive at the core region of the “folding gallery”. Therefore the comprehensive exhibition region can be considered as the first chapter of the whole space.


The design of the comprehensive exhibition area is both minimalist and grandeur, which smartly organizes the space for exhibition. The overall space is presented to the visitors with a low-profile and plain visual experience. In the plan design, an exhibition “book shelf” was created for the owner, in which the owner can freely set up the “books” under the framework of the overall “book shelf”. This space design not only ensures multi-layer display modes, but also maintain a unified design language.

Spatial integration


The main design approach of this project is the integration of space. This integration includes two aspects: one is the integration of spatial forms. The overall space is features light gray. The height of all spaces cuts off at 2.8 meters, as the height beyond 2.8 meters is sprayed with black. The pipelines are weakened in the black ceiling. The floor uses dark gray rubber. The overall visual effect is three levels of white, gray and black. The form and color of all the shapes are integrated and intertwined. The two main entrance doors use solid wood for embellishment, as the use of wood materials adds a touch of warmth to the overall gray space.


The second is the integration of space functions. The functions of this site include artwork exhibition, gallery, clubhouse, office, etc. These functions are unified in one spatial area. The design centered with the visit route, connecting all functions together. Each function is naturally integrated with this main passage. The space takes the comprehensive exhibition region as the start, the “folding gallery” as the climax, the gallery as the traffic line and transition space, and the clubhouse as the end, forming an art center that integrates touring area, offices, conferences, and leisure space together. Each function of the space echoes, relates, and is inseparable to each other.












Project Information——

Project name:“Folding gallery”art Center

Designer:Beijing Bande Architectural Design Co.,Ltd.

Design year:2020

Year of completion:2021

Creator and design team Creators: Zhou Kun, Xu Lin

Team:Zhou Kun, Xu Lin, Sun Di(The project manager), Qin Haifeng, Gaoke, Du Jianhua

Structural consultant:Chu Long

Project address:19th Floor, Fuzheng Building, Baotou City

Construction area:1350㎡

Photography copyright:Jin Weiqi