In 2020, T1D received a commission from awinic to reconstruct a waste warehouse in Xinzhuang District of Shanghai, which entrusted us to build a lab center that integrates work and testing.

设计之前 Before the design

▲仓库原貌 Original look of the warehouse


The first problem we faced in the early stage of design was how to respond to this negative factory site with a positive attitude.


The predecessor of this warehouse only had the function of storing goods, so there was no deliberate design in the space layout, showing low space utilization rate. The disordered surroundings also impose a challenge to establish an independent corporate image.


In addition, the problems of the space itself are not the only concern for us, but more importantly, we are more concerned about how to grant vitality to the space through the design. A design that is full of emotion can give fresh and lively life to the space.

第一视觉 The First Vision

▲建筑外立面 Facade of the Architecture


Since the appearance of the building is the first visual center of visitors, the designer takes awinic blue as the main tone outside the whole building according to the corporate image of awinic, which makes the space more recognizable on the basis of the original architectural shape.

自然律动 The Natural Rhythm


We make the entrance unified and concise. We try to present a simple and clear spatial relationship with restrained design language. The eye-catching luminous logo, the sofa chair with awinic blue as the main tone and the round hole add smart elements to the space.

▲前台大厅 Lobby


The arched door on the right side of the hall creates an irregular space, which is both independent and integrated with the whole space. Naturally it drives the pace of the space, while ensuring the mobility and flexibility of space use.

和谐的空间层次 Harmonious Space Hierarchies

▲小型会议室 Small Conference Room


We have employed awinic blue, the identification color of the enterprise, greatly to the space. Gray at different lightness and awinic blue are combined to enhance the hierarchy of space and create a transparent and clean texture.


The arched small conference room not only meets the functional needs of customers, but also adds a sense of mystery to the space.

经典元素的运用 Application of Classic Elements


Arch, as the most classic element, has a harmonious and solemn feeling, and often brings a unique and eternal beauty that one will never be tired of.


In the design of this case, the designer uses a lot of arched elements to bring unique sensory experience to the visitors.

▲拱形走廊 Arched Corridor


The designer embeds new spatial relations in the original spatial framework, exactly extending the curve to form an arched corridor, which becomes the most frequently contacted site for users and forms the relationship between visitors and space.


In view of the dual attributes of testing and working, the conception of its internal space is to make people feel pure spiritually. Some spaces are “infinite” while some are “limited”, but the “infinite space” is integrated with the “limited space” through the glass and the hole.

▲员工餐厅 Staff Canteen


The staff canteen is an important functional area in this case, which is a large gathering place specially provided by the company for employees. The task of the design team is to create a relaxing space that can integrate meal, coffee and daily communication.


The designer uses a large area of transparent glass to meet the needs of customers for space permeability. The sunlight pours in and diffuses on the wooden tables and chairs. Everything is just right.

▲洗手间 Washing Room


The washing room is often a space that is easy to be ignored. The designer believes that washing rooms should have their unique soul, so he creates a colorful washing room with the cartoon image of boy awinic and girl awinic as the sign.

▲一层平面布置图 First Floor Layout

▲二层平面布置图 Second Floor Layout



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