“I believe in architecture with emotions, the life of “architecture” is its beauty, which is very important to human beings. If there are many solutions to a problem, the one that conveys beauty and emotion to users is architecture.”

——Luis Barragan


Our neighborhood is disappearing,but no matter where we are, our yearning for home will not change. Perhaps the space becomes blurred, and the distance between people will be clearer.


Gorgeous neon streets, retro art locations, and bright shopping malls are all carnivals for young people. We need such a vague space, even if it is a bookstore, perhaps it is a possibility to bring family distance closer.



Yunlin Bookmall is open in the public area of Life Apartment. When you walk into the lobby, you will see a dome like a retro hall with stars scattered in it. The dark green and walnut color of the old-fashioned station brought people’s thoughts to the days when they set foot on the train and struggled far away when they were young. It looks retro, but it brings more tonal elegance and chic against the background of the space style.


Life’s Siri


People will walk into bookstores, and most of them hope to temporarily withdraw from real life, accompany them like Siri, and provide a real and safe physical space.


We need such a vague space, even if it is a bookstore, perhaps it is a possibility to bring family distance closer.The ladder design revolves upwards, symbolizing people’s pursuit of culture and art. Go forward along the corridor, where there are comfortable seats, lean against the bar to order a cup of ice coffee, and live elsewhere.


We hope that through the combination of color, space, and format, we will guide people to get closer to beauty, and use a slightly poetic and unfamiliar space to tell a familiar life.


Functional spaces such as bookstores, floral workshops, fashion, coffee desserts, parent-child reading, and trends give people a diversified way of thinking. The orange spiral staircase is connected to the upper art gallery, and the color jump creates a sharp visual contrast in the space.


Innocence paradise


Stepping into the hall from the child’s perspective, you will associate things in front of you with fairy tales: there are elves flying on the huge orange slide in the hall, and the gate of the palace is a terraced field. The fairy godmother makes the clouds fall and the moon in the sky. Just reveal the whole picture.


At the top of the orange slide, there are stars blinking in the night sky, sunflowers smiling, and the comfort and leisure of a teenager blowing soap bubbles.


The Living Room of the City


Yunlin Bookmall Life Aesthetics Experience Space was completed in Wuxi Yunlin Life Apartment in October. We use design to tell every warm moment of home in our lives.


As a shared living space, Yunlin Bookmall combines popular old-age care formats with family needs. It is rich, colorful, without digital barriers, and does not separate surprises, surprises, and diversity, and records the good times accompanied by family members.


There is a reading carriage specially designed for the elderly. Choose a good book in the private reading room of quiet central axis, and let the train of memories drive it far away.


plan the details


Pass by


Do you remember the girl you met in the library when you were in college? In the long and narrow aisle, one rub shoulders are enough to move your heart.


We hope that Yunlin Bookmall is warm and humane. In order to create this kind of intimacy, we have divided the aisle area into parts, so that it will not be cramped or blocked in the visual sense, and at the same time draw the distance between people.




Life is like a maze, there is always a moment to look back. In the design of the moving line, we did not arrange a complete route for customers; on the road with the bookshelf as the main axis, there are many intersections. opportunity.


Concluding remarks


Practitioner of life aesthetics


After finishing the whole space planning, it seems to see a weekend in the future. The children went to choose a new storybook, the wife chose a magazine to order an afternoon tea in the shared space, and the parents sat on the walnut-colored sofa to enjoy the moment.


Subvert the traditional design, construct a life aesthetics experience hall, starting from life, and based on the longing emotion, create a diverse space of joy, sharing, and warm experience.


A good space is the result of the constant precipitation of time. In the early stages of the design, we will naturally turn to online celebrity check-in and traffic considerations. The traffic operation changes rapidly, but the changes in life needs are far less than the changes that technological development requires us to make.


Pay attention to the customer’s own content, give full play to the aesthetic advantages of design and humanistic care, use a beautiful space to attract beautiful people, beautiful things happen, and beautiful things happen naturally.


项目名称 : 耘林阅府

项目地址 :江苏 无锡

项目面积 :1330㎡

完工时间 :2021.10

设计机构 :花生联盟(HDU²³ )

创意总监 : 陆亚昕

设计团队 :祁正龙蒋心怡杨敏宇

灯光设计 :米未照明

项目摄影 :陈铭

主要材料 :木饰面、铝板、不锈钢、艺术漆