Humans’ desire for nature is a primitive impulse that comes from our genes. One hundred years have passed since the earliest modernist masters proposed the utopian idea of the idyllic city, and the rapid expansion of cities has dressed nature in steel and concrete armor, which is both protection and shackles. A healthy, sustainable lifestyle has begun to become a new human desire.


At the same time, COVID-19 has catalyzed a focus on the theme of health and nature.


Starting in 2021, it seems like everyone on social media is camping in the open air, and the “ urban outdoor” lifestyle of escaping the city is becoming popular for the middle class.

山系文化起源于日本,在日本,Urban Outdoor已是一种主流生活方式,这种日式美学也正在渗透当代都市人生活中。

The culture of Urban Outdoor originated in Japan, where it is a mainstream lifestyle, and this Japanese aesthetic is also penetrating the lives of contemporary urbanites.

OFT设计x英皇集团以“Urban Nourishment都市养分”为主题,在香港超级社区“日出康城”构建出一个山系影院,用设计把山系文化中的“野趣”与“舒适”延伸到商业空间中,让户外山系生活不再局限于钓鱼、露营、咖啡店、服饰与生活方式集合店……打破城市与户外的界限,把商业行为变成一种可持续生活方式。

With the theme of “Urban Nourishment”, Oft Interiors x Emperor Group built a outdoor theater in Hong Kong’s super community “LOHAS Park”, using the design to extend the “wildness” and “comfort” of the outdoor culture to the commercial space. The design extends the “wildness” and “comfort” of the outdoor culture into the commercial space, breaking the boundary between urban and outdoor, so that urban outdoor life is no longer limited to fishing, camping, coffee shops, clothing and lifestyle collection stores…… but also turns commercial behavior into a sustainable lifestyle.


将军澳英皇戏院位于“日出康城”社区购物中心——The LOHAS 康城,作为全港最大住宅社区,该住宅项目有13期之多,从2005年首推到2025年才能全部完工,修建时间跨度长达25年,建成后,“日出康城”将有60栋超高住宅楼及逾60000居民入住,是名副其实的超级社区。

Emperor Theatre of Tseung Kwan O is located in the shopping center of The LOHAS. As the largest residential community in Hong Kong, the residential project has 13 phases, which started from 2005 and will be completed in 2025. Upon completion, there will be 60 super-high residential buildings and more than 60,000 residents living here. It is a truly super community.


人类学家马克·奥热(Marc Auge)曾将新空间定义为 “非地方”(Non-Place),“非地方”的意思是不具备在地性、不属于任何有机社会却客观存在的新空间。如何实现“非地方”转化,使之成为新的“地方”,如何通过设计创新重构社区中商业空间与人的关系,成为这个超级社区热议话题。


In such a super community, community culture and commercial development are the most important issues.

Marc Auge,an anthropologist, has defined new space as “Non-Place”, which means a new space that is not local and does not belong to any organic society but exists objectively. How to transform “Non-Place” into a new “place” and how to reconstruct the relationship between commercial space and people in the community through design innovation has become a hot topic of discussion in this super community.

Oft Interiors and Emperor Group have also explored this issue in the project of Tseung Kwan O Cinema.

在商业布局上,The LOHAS 康城高端业态云集,不仅有全港最大室内溜冰场、新界区首个本土文创市集还有将军澳最大影院及米其林餐厅……

In terms of commercial layout, The LOHAS is packed with high-end businesses, including the largest indoor ice rink in Hong Kong, the first local cultural and creative market in the New Territories, and the largest cinema and Michelin restaurant in Tseung Kwan O ……


在设计策略上,OFT除了依靠用户属性还要根据社区文化进行定位,“日出康城”英文名Lohas来自首字母缩写“Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability”,寓意“健康、可持续生活方式”。


Since the customer base is mainly community residents, its commercial nature is still typical community business.

In terms of design strategy,Oft Interiors positions according to user attributes and the community culture. The English name of “Lohas” comes from the acronym of “Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability”,which means “healthy and sustainable lifestyle”.

Therefore, the scene design must be centered on linking people and sustainable life, continuing and transmitting the community culture, building a new connection between people and the community, allowing residents to find a sense of belonging, and forming a new urban space and life.




As we play the game of survival day in and day out in the urban jungle, the cinema becomes a necessary spiritual nourishment.

Oft Interiors discovered the scarce natural value in the city and turned the cinema into a outdoor-themed community cultural public space as a tribute and return to a sustainable lifestyle.

「The LOHAS」英皇影院占地 3300㎡,有6个影厅共883个座位,由于影院在商场规划之初就已介入,因而影院空间充裕,视野开阔,这对行动不便者十分友好,让他们也可以在“山野间”放肆漫游。

The LOHAS Emperor Cinema occupies an area of 3,300 square meters and has 6 cinema halls with 883 seats. Since the cinema was involved at the beginning of the planning of the mall, it has plenty of space and a wide view, which is very friendly to people with limited mobility and they can roam around the “mountain and wilderness”.


In terms of overall color, the design team adopted light brown as the main color and embellished it with the Emperor Theatre brand vision to create a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere, emphasizing simplicity and a natural outlook on life.


The streamlined entrance is like an infinitely extended road pointing to the future natural life. The large area of Emperor Green not only echoes and emphasizes the brand vision but also attracts consumers’ attention, and at the same time, as the nature color and brand color, it produces a double meaning effect.


The embedded light food area and the modular self-service ticketing area are not overly shaped, and the spatial structure blends in with the overall environment.


The mountain-shaped ceilings and large areas of log-colored materials suggest to the consumer that walking through them is like hiking outdoors, crossing a hill, wading through a stream, and blundering into a cabin deep in the forest. The cascading shapes of the walls not only visually fit in with the surroundings, but also create a unique and intimate form of road.


The corridor is a decentralized but not loose form of organization. The design, through the control of color and size, turns the originally single-function corridor into a venue for people’s activities, increasing the space for cordial communication among consumers.


In the public social area, the material composition of terrazzo, artificial leather and wood also has its own symbolic meaning: terrazzo and artificial leather represent sustainable production methods, while wood represents nature and the everyday life, which has real emotional memories and silent power. The designers used “sustainable everyday life” to form this multifunctional gathering space.


Consumers can not only feel the ecological and green mountain life when they are there, but also enjoy the intimate communication space created by the environment. These sensory elements that transcend commerce make the connection between people and nature more palpable.

山形屋顶、阔叶林、还有穿堂而过的习习微风……都在呈现、诉说、传递更有温度的自然记忆, 帮助消费者完成逃离城市的微度假。

The mountain-shaped roof, broad-leaved forest, and the breeze passing through the hall are all presenting, telling and transmitting a warmer nature memory, helping consumers to have a micro vacation to escape from the city.




According to Marc Auge, a Place must contain three basic characteristics: identity, relational and historical.

In addition to satisfying the consumer (resident) experience, Oft Interiors reinvents the community culture, shaping an infectious and approachable space with common materials, giving the community high-quality public space and public content, and widening the commercial boundary.

When consumers (residents) leave their worries behind, perfect their inner selves, and respond to the space with emotions and behaviors, they are also subconsciously bringing the concept of a good lifestyle into the community business, completing the sustainable life and future of the business and the community together.






设计机构:Oft Interiors


设计团队:Samantha Chan



Project Information——

Project Name:THE LOHAS

Project Category:Commercial Space

Project Owner:Emperor Group

Services:Planning/Interior Design

Design Agency:Oft Interiors

Lead Designer:CM jao/ ken Cheung

Design Team:Samantha Chan

Project Location:Hong Kong

Project Area:3300㎡