rock, part of silence


The artistic temperament of silence and solidification is its soul


The temperament of the space is built between the unique physical forms, and the vivid changes of light and shadow are displayed in a unique form on the delicate texture of the materials. In this micro-cement exhibition hall converted from an old factory, the designer broke the original order and form of the space, reshaped the spatial pattern in the flowing moving lines, and created a spatial effect with great artistic characteristics.


Here, the designer triggers people to rethink the true meaning of space, abandons the functional use of space by utilitarianism, and maximizes artistry, beauty and experience. In the traditional building materials business market, it demonstrates the unique style and high-end aesthetic interest of the MONTO brand.


The rich moving lines casted by micro-cement is a new display method created by the designer. Through the organic design of the asymmetric structure and the neat and simple moving line shape, the most important display function of the exhibition hall is integrated into every space of the space. in an element.


Walking, discovering, touching, exploring and feeling in the barrier-free passage of the return journey, the quality and attributes of micro-cement are vividly displayed, and in the interlaced and reconstructed block facilities, people are led to the unknown and brand-new independence. space.



The “herringbone” structure at the top of the building forms a natural shackle on the storey height and also brings design inspiration. The designer cleverly uses this space form to recreate the interior space.

The polygonal structure nurtures the power of the building and its unique aesthetic temperament. Under the minimal visual impact, in the relationship between people and places, artistic presentation and commercial value are slowly unfolded.




In the limited space, the designer constructed a geometric corridor made of pure microcement. The half-height design fully releases the influence of light on the space while opening the vision, and stretches the depth of the space. The revolving gallery body probes, penetrates, turns and lingers in space. The smoothness of the moving lines and the sense of block brought by the block form a just right conflict, echoing the powerful pulse of the sense of space together with the simple metal lines above the head.


The micro-cement paved shape reveals a rock-like texture. The essence of the ancient stone and the soul of the new material resonate here. The collision between the original and the pure presents an eternal artistic conception.


The rough cement wall of the original factory building forms a strong visual confrontation with the brand-new micro-cement in the interior, and the large-area windows provide ample lighting for the exhibition hall space. The connection between outdoor and indoor is both loose and tight. The designer hopes that through this connection and confrontation, visitors can focus more on the spiritual world created by micro-cement products from reality.


The folding of barrier-free passages in the space is a key factor in establishing the artistic sense and immersion of the exhibition hall. The gradually rising ramp creates a humorous atmosphere in the rigorous order, softening the field characteristics of a single scene, thus inspiring the crowd desire to explore.


“If it is not necessary, do not increase the entity.” There is no trace of unnecessary decoration in the whole space, the visual experience is not disturbed, and the emotional changes of the space can be clearly touched.


The turning point of the passage provides an overview of the building, and the hidden light strip is designed to provide a steady stream of light for the depths of the space. In rich light and shadow transformations, space is confined to precisely measured geometry. The pure and tidy space experience and the pure and simple space form strengthen people’s perception of space and materials.


Traveling through the space, the quality and connotation of micro-cement are hidden in it, showing an indescribable rational beauty in the restrained emotion. The figurative form slowly shows its inherent physical properties in the conflict between light and darkness. The hard character and the gentle touch are intertwined, and it is self-built in a minimalist and modern fashion.




The interior reconstruction space is a unique display form created by the designer, which breaks the state and pattern of the original space, and creates a new field function in the artistic form of asymmetric structure.


The folded moving line emphasizes the orientation of the space, the layering of light and shadow is gradually enriched, and the visual experience is becoming more and more clear. Through the excavation of the spiritual function of the space, the frame order and emotional image of the space are strengthened.


Micro-cement is no longer displayed as a product independently, but is directly used in the space. Architectural structure, space installation, interior texture, light and shadow are presented-all the characteristics and advantages are transmitted in a more intuitive state, allowing The visitor speaks directly to the space and communicates with the inner spirit.


Through the staggered construction of large-area blocks, the core of spatial expression is formed, and the power of spatial structure is vividly displayed. Form and feeling are merged in increasingly blurred boundaries. The strong wall shape and matrix expression The relationship further increases the ritual and tension of the space. The image characteristics of micro-cement have been newly extended, letting go of the perception of material characteristics and fully releasing the power and beauty of the essence of architectural space.


The conflict and contrast between the new and the old is an important way of expressing the characteristics of micro-cement. Starting from the most direct sense of space, a collision of sense of space is formed in the architectural dimension.


The cement walls of the original space reveal the roughness and simplicity of the original materials, and the exposed red bricks and rough surfaces form a sharp contrast with the delicate texture of microcement. This is a collision and conflict between reality and surrealism, and an ideological confrontation between realism and romanticism. In the dimension of spiritual function, micro-cement is no longer the basic material for building space, but a kind of “substance with expressions and souls”.




The soft and warm light sources slowly radiate from the interior space, soothing the cold emotions caused by the spatial order. While enriching the texture of the space, it also shows different application scenarios of micro-cement, including the artistic presentation of the space, the commercial value, and the relationship between people and people. The relationship between places will expand the creation of a wider dimension.


The infinite imagination is buried in the limited space, and the aesthetic connotation is fully presented in a minimalist state. The design elements take the pure sense as the starting point, continue the visual and activity field, and construct the overall space.


The carefully constructed frame introduces flowing light and shadow into the interior, which increases the interaction between the interior and exterior spaces, allowing quiet thoughts to relax more freely.


The figurative micro-cement elements are presented in the interior in an abstract form, so as to obtain a tactile and visual experience. A touch of natural sunlight and a vigorous green plant in the interior extends the natural meaning of the spirit and draws people’s attention. The power is all focused on the product itself and the new space. The eternal and warm connotation expressed by microcement is a supernatural charm.

▲建筑轴测图 Axonometric drawing

▲平⾯图 Floor plan









Project Information——

Project Name:MONTO CimentArt Showroom

Project Location:Jiangyin, Wuxi

Design Agency:JCD.Interior Design

Project Director:Libo


Project Area:100㎡

Completion Time:June, 2021