“The main thrust of our design is to create an architectural and interior environment that is relaxed, comfortable and close to nature, while serving as a medium for human-nature interaction and helping seniors with cognitive impairments to feel and experience the farm’s environment and atmosphere from a unique perspective.”

▲ “忘不了农场“鸟瞰  Aerial view of “Forget me, not farm” ©ICYWORKS


The project is located in Dujiangyan, Chengdu, one of the main buildings of “Forget me, not farm”. In addition to the restaurant, the farm also needed a new place for the celebrity guests and the elderly to relax, unwind, and engage in leisure time activities, which is the“Forget me, not farm”Drawing-room. In the early stage of the project, after repeated inspections of the site and communication with the program producer, the location of the “Forget me, not farm”drawing-room was determined to have some kind of connection with the restaurant and at the same time, the environment of the site should not be destroyed. Therefore, the woods directly opposite the restaurant became the first choice, spatially echoing the restaurant, located in the middle of the woods and hidden in nature.

▲ 森林里的“悠哉悠哉屋” “Leisure House” in the forest ©ICYWORKS


The design of the“Forget me, not farm”drawing-room is inspired by “a glass box in the forest”. We want human beings get close to nature without destroying it, it can be embedded in the surrounding environment to the maximum extent, but without burdening the surrounding environment.

▲“森林里的大客厅”建造过程动图  gif. of building“the drawing-room in the forest”©大观建筑

▲“悠哉悠哉屋”与森林夜景  Night view of the “Leisure House” and forest ©ICYWORKS


Three skylights protruding upward from the roof of the building are designed not only to draw natural light into the interior and increase the brightness of the building, but also to conceal air conditioning equipment in the protruding roof structure, so that the top of the interior forms a complete and clean plane, making the building more simple and permeable.

▲ 剖面图  Section ©大观建筑

▲ “悠哉悠哉屋”与夜色融为一体 “Leisure House” blending with the night ©ICYWORKS


In order to minimize the damage to the terrain and to better hide from the surrounding environment, the building adopts the form of steel structure overhead, surrounded by a transparent hidden frame glass curtain wall on the outermost side of the steel frame, while wrapping a part of the top structure, so as to maximize the invisibility of the building steel frame structure, making the building lighter and more permeable. The view from the restaurant is as if the drawing-room is integrated with the woods, disappearing into the forest.

▲ “悠哉悠哉屋”与树木交织在一起  “Leisure House” intertwined with trees ©ICYWORKS

大客厅入口平台与室内地面有两步台阶的高差。每逢雨天,艺人们可以与老人们坐在门口听着雨打树叶的自然音律,俯瞰着餐厅,聊一聊 ”忘不了农场“ 的趣事。

There is a two-step height difference between the entrance platform of the drawing-room and the indoor floor. On rainy days, the entertainers can sit at the entrance with the seniors and listen to the natural sound of the rain hitting the leaves of the trees, overlooking the restaurant and chatting about the interesting stories of the“Forget me, not farm”.

▲ 伴随着温馨灯光的“悠哉悠哉屋”“Leisure House”p with cozy lights ©ICYWORKS


On one side of the building is a semi-outdoor terrace, when you push the door out, it is like walking into a forest, surrounded by trees, bathed in fragments of sunlight through the leaves, with all senses immersed in nature.

▲ “悠哉悠哉屋”一角 A corner of “Leisure House” ©ICYWORKS

▲结构分析图 Structural analysis diagram  ©大观建筑


The program team suggested the need for an indoor water bar area for seniors and celebrity guests to use during family events. The indoor space water bar area is directly below the skylight, the sunlight spills along the window, and the shadows of the trees are scattered in all corners of the water bar as time goes by.  At the same time, the indoor equipment is hidden under the water bar, and intelligent wireless switches are used to solve the problem of not being able to wire in the open space without walls, making the indoor space more neat and open.

▲午后的阳光洒进大客厅 Afternoon sunlight pours into the drawing-room  ©ICYWORKS


In terms of functionality, the program team put forward clear needs, the indoor space to meet the use of a variety of scenes, so the interior is not designed with too much fixed furniture, only the two sides with decorative lattice frame as a photography box (after the operation will be removed), which leaves more possibilities for celebrity guests and the elderly in the use of space. After repeatedly communicating with the program team, and finally determined that the indoor ceiling for the bar cove design to take a unified arrangement with the building order, in order to better hide the filming lights, making indoor and outdoor architectural effects more integral and permeability.

▲室内陈设 Interior furnishings  ©ICYWORKS

▲平面图 Floor plan ©大观建筑

▲屋顶平面图 Roof plan ©大观建筑

▲立面图 Elevation ©大观建筑

▲细部节点图Detail node drawing ©大观建筑











Project Information——

Project Name: Handicraft Workshop of“Forget me, not farm”

Client:“Forget me, not farm”Programme Groups

Project Type: Architecture/Renovation/Interior Design

Architecture/Interior Design Company: DAGA Architects

Design Team: Shen Jianghai, Zhang Longxiao, Hu Fangting, Sun Chundi

Lighting Consultant: PRO Lighting Consultant

Landscape Design: Guozhiran Art Design Co., Ltd

FF&E Design:Wooom Studio

Covered Area: 129.6㎡

Date of Design: July, 2021

Date of Construction: July-October, 2021

Photographer: ©ICYWORKS,“Forget me, not farm”Programme Group

Writer: Sun Chundi, Sun Baoning