LIM PIZZA位于苏州市虎丘区绿宝广场步行街,这个项目的选址是一个仅有64m²的类正方形店面,我们在满足功能属性的前提下,糅合了超前与务实的理念,给予店铺建筑美感,将空间使用面积最大化的同时增加空间趣味性,营造出LIM PIZZA店丰沛的新生活力空间。

LIM PIZZA is located in Lvbao Square pedestrian street, Huqiu District, Suzhou. The site of this project is a square storefront which covers only 64M². On the condition of meeting the functional attributes, we combine the concept of advance and pragmaticism to maximize the available space area make the store architecturally beautiful and interesting, so as to create a new vitality space of LIM PIZZA store.

▲室内一览 Overview of the space


In terms of spatial layout, we divide the space into several large areas. The doors and windows follow the style of the original shops, and give full play to its openness to the outside world while conforming to the spatial tone. As for the dining area, based on ensuring use and comfort, we use irregular curved tables with transparent furniture of the same color system with different heights to increase the level of space and give diners a better space experience. The operation area and ordering area are designed as an integrated state, making the interface more integrated and coordinated.Because of the need for fine brewing and the exposure of various equipment, we have added many metal elements to the overall tonality to deduce the combination of pizza and beer drinks.

▲项目轴侧图 Axonometric

▲用餐区 Dining Area


Why do we choose green?


Green can often bring people a series of positive emotions such as freshness, nature, tranquility, youth and relaxation, which is in line with the design theme of Lim‘s brand color and space. The feeling of collision between green space and pizza also represents delicacy and nature. Additionally, light with green makes the space full of strong expressiveness and tension.

▲空间中的绿色 Green elements in the space


Why do we choose a triangle?


Both the pizza packaging and the pizza itself are inseparable from the triangles. To avoid the deformation of pizza during transportation, traditional pizza boxes are always made of corrugated boards, which consist of many waves in triangle logic. A complete round pizza will be cut into beautiful triangles.

▲空间中的三角 Triangles in the space


The simply folded corner of the facade and the shape of the triangular volume all respond to this language. The folding of the door is used as a clue to remind people of the box, a more concrete object, to stimulate people’s desire for exploration, so that people will have more exploration and get more spatial experience when entering the space. The triangular part of the facade repeated array cooperates with the aluminum mirror plate on the top surface to stretch the space. We hope to isolate the noise from the outside world through the strong feeling of being wrapped so that users in the space can get more positive emotions.

▲项目外观 Project facade

▲翻折的一角 The folded corner


Why is it an irregular curve?


We hope to bring people some different experiences in this limited and regular space. This curve twisting in the space undertakes this task. It breaks the original dullness of the space, and more or less changes people’s tracks and behavior in the space without affecting people’s use. With furniture of different heights, people can enjoy the space. The flow of the curve in space and the turning point after touching the edge can also be understood as the slight aroma of pizza in the box.

▲空间中流动的曲线 The floating curve in the space

▲概念图解 Concept diagram


In this fast-paced era, we hope every customer in the store can be in a happy mood and have a special dining experience. While bringing customers an excellent experience of enjoying delicious food in an all-rounded way, we construct an integrated dynamic space and show unique design ideas. It is a new topic for us to express a concise and lively style to the greatest extent in the compact space and reflect the new style with unique modernness in this design. We also hope to make the store more lively and fashionable while conforming to the theme of pizza.

▲空间细部 Details of the space

▲平面图 Floor plan












Project Information——

Projects:LIM PIZZA (Suzhou)



Design team members:Wenjing Li, Zijun Wu, Lei Chen, Nan Yang

Site:Lvbao Square pedestrian street, Huqiu District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province


Copyright of photography:Yingda Xu

Customer:LIM PIZZA