Breathe the soft of your soul,

which is the fragrance buried in the shadow.

– Victor Hugo


Design Concept: “Evaporation and sublimation”


This design concept is generated from the process of continuous “evaporation and sublimation” of water vapor during the baking and heating, which results in a series of pure-interesting shapes.

▲ 项目外观(摄影版权 徐英达)exterior view(copyright by Yingda Xu)

关于La Douce Patisserie

Background of “La Douce Patisserie”

La Douce Patisserie是一家法式咖啡烘焙店,它不仅仅是一个只售卖甜品的单一行为场所。这里可以承载这个时代消费者更多的需求与可能性。顾客能在这里选购、拍照、享受美食、社交、制作体验等。我们力求从商业模式、空间设计等各方面来重新界定甜品店的概念。

La Douce Patisserie is a French coffee shop, which is not only a place for seiling desserts, but also served for providing more needs and possibilities for consumers. People can shop , take photos, and enjoy food, communiation, and cooking experience , etc. We donated to redefine the concept of dessert shops from aspects such as business modes and space design.

▲ 轴测图(图纸版权:平介设计axonometric drawing (copyright by Parallect Design)


Early Stage:


With the infiltration of the experience-economy and people’s understanding in the recent years,the “popular style” of a period is changing. Initially, we hope to hear and realize the owner’s wishes during the communication. However, during the process, while we are surprised by the owner’s rationality, we gradually understand her requirements -taking the advantage of the purest environment for roasting and coffee. She hopes that it will not be blindly obeyed, not impetuous, provide enough space for imagining and giving, and lead the boutique experience. Whether for coffee aroma or coffee machine, desserts or monderian-art, or the sudden inspiration in the afternoon, people can rest here.

▲ 平面布置图(图纸版权:平介设计) floor plan (copyright by Parallect Design)

▲ 店铺概览(摄影版权 徐英达) overview of the shop (copyright by Yingda Xu)

店铺是“以体验制作为主,甜品与咖啡为辅”的零售式体验店,我们希望以此概念营造空间特质,塑造独特的空间氛围, 以此延展店铺设计的可能性,并且将此作为法式浪漫含义的延伸。迈进店后,顾客们会立即感慨于空间的整体性。这种整体性不仅仅使产品特性的制作过程变成了一种生动的视觉体验。

The retail-style experience shop is designed with the concept of “Focusing  on experience cooking, supplemented by desserts and coffee seiling”,which is aimed to create space characteristics and atmosphere for more design possibilities. Additionally, it can also be wished for the extension of French romance.

When entering the store, customers will be immediately impressed by the integrity of the space, which not only makes the production process create a vivid visual experience.

▲ 入口(摄影版权 徐英达) Entrance(copyright by Yingda Xu)


The entrance and baking concept use the concept of “evaporation and sublimation”, to bring the comfortable and attractive atmosphere for this experience space from day to night. The food aroma overflowed during the baking will generate the interest of passengers and make them stop, and then, invisibly introduce the attributes of the store.

▲ 入口收银区(摄影版权 徐英达)cashier area at the entrance(copyright by Yingda Xu)

▲ 吧台区细节(摄影版权 木子叔叔)cashier area at the entrance(copyright by Uncle Muzi)



The bar area contains functions including scheduling, cash register, and sound control where coffee cooking and dessert display and sales are served as the most important ones.

The golden highlights add a sense of luxury the space. The designer uses flattening techniques and brushed metal skills to bring the core concept into the design, which is extended along with the wall to the roof, and inert the metals into the wall, fully covering the bar and round corners.The material is comfortable and easy to take care which has passed the review of the Food and Drug Administration. In addition, the design makes people imagine the unique shape and soft aroma of baking, response to the theme, and add color and texture to the space, which show off for the entire shop.

▲弧形顶面(摄影版权 徐英达) Curved Ceiling(copyright by Yingda Xu)

▲ 结构示意(图纸版权:平介设计)the little patio space outside (copyright by Parallect Design)

▲ 顶面框架排布(图纸版权:平介设计)Top frame arrangement (copyright by Parallect Design)

▲ 施工过程(摄影版权 陈磊 The little patio space outside (copyright by Lei Chen)


The curved-dynamic shape of the top surface design is derived from the process of continuous “evaporation and sublimation” of the aroma during the baking, and the moment before the water drops. The design interprets the dynamic process in the space, and increases the feeling of the theme and atmosphere. The production of the curved ceiling is interesting. Due to the construction costs, we do not choose the factory-prefabricated GRG modules, but determine the center point and intersection point of each dome in the 3D software. Then, making skeleton arch ribs according to different lengths. In the next, arch ribs are formed into space grids. Finally, dome surface is formed by wooden planks. All of these are hand-craft.

▲烘焙区域(摄影版权 徐英达)Baking Area(copyright by Yingda Xu)

▲烘焙区域细节(摄影版权 徐英达)Baking area details(copyright by Yingda Xu)

烘焙区域与吧台相对。透过弧形长虹玻璃, 顾客在等待品尝新鲜甜品的同时,还可隐约看到烘培师们的制作过程。


The baking area is set opposite to the bar. Customers can vaguely see the making process of the bakers while waiting for fresh desserts, through the curved Changhong glass.

Walking into the baking area, people can watch the whole baking peocess, where the space is designed like a mirror-framed stage in a theater. The bakers’ craftsmanship can show the dessert making process like a performance, further impressed customers understanding of baking.

▲ DIY区(摄影版权 徐英达) DIY Area (copyright by Yingda Xu)

▲ DIY区细节(摄影版权 徐英达)DIY area details (copyright by Yingda Xu)


The curved-flowing DIY table blends integrate into the entire space.


In this area filled with a relaxed atmosphere and full of the mellow aroma of coffee, people can completely relax and immerse themselves into their own baking creations. In addition, there is music and coffee, as well as strange encounters, providing an ideal place for people in favor of  baking and design.


Curved shapes are used in the design, and the irregular and blunt corners in the original space are curved to make them softer and comfortable to the touch, which also make friends enjoy baking stop, leave the hustle and bustle for a while, and enjoy the life at this moment.













Project Information——

Project name: La Douce Patisserie

Designer: Parallect Design

Project Design & Accomplish Date: 11/2021

Design Team: Lei Chen, Wenjing Li, Nan Yang, Xiangdong Xiao

Project Address: 1st Floor, Zhongheng Design Building, Industrial Park, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Building Area: 134㎡

Photography Copyright: Yingda Xu

User: La Douce Patisserie

Company Website: https://www.parallect-design.com

mail: Info@parallect-design.com

Material: Brushed yellow Titanium, CHANGHONG glass film, Terrazzo, White Latex Paint