The Wooden Cabin Town is located on an island in the West Sea of Lushan, southwest of Jiujiang, Jiangxi. It was designed by Shanghai Parallect Architecture Studio. The predecessor of this water area is Xiu River, one of the five major rivers in Jiangxi. From the 1950s to the 1970s, the Xihai Barrage, known as Asia’s largest dam, was built here, and it formed a unique island in the lake area: like clusters of jungle floating above the water. And what we hope to present is a cluster of small wooden cabins floating above the jungle.

▲区域整体鸟瞰,overall bird’s eye view of the area


The design includes a 24-meter-high observation tower, a multi-functional hall, and 19 prefabricated forest wooden cabins.

▲项目半鸟瞰,semi-bird’s eye view of the project

▲瞭望塔与多功能大厅建筑,watchtower and multifunctional hall building

自然崇拜 Nature worship


The fusion gesture between the building and the lush natural cork oak forest on the island is the starting point of the project. Therefore, as the core part of space upgrade project of the island, new building is constructed entirely on the basis of the demolition of the old building. The integrated design makes it easier for the wooden cabin to be transported to the island for assembly. The wooden cabin is elevated by an independent foundation, and the ground is repaired and restored. The waste from the demolition of old buildings is also buried in situ as much as possible to become the foundation of the multi-functional hall.

▲被拆除的原有旧建筑,the original building demolished

▲岛屿·丛林·小木屋,island, jungle and cabin

▲项目半鸟瞰,semi-bird’s eye view of the project

▲装配式小木屋,Prefabricated cabins


The design of masterplan owes much to the site and nature rather than the architect: the surrounding trees determine the boundaries of the building. The rules of core space and edge expansion are made: the axis of new buildings is set in the core area of the original architecture, and buildings are filled in the blank area among trees.


▲穿梭在天然植被间隙中的木屋建筑群落,A community of wooden houses shuttled in the gaps of natural vegetation


Compared with the rigid rules and rigor, we hope to introduce more bottom-up adaptability and spontaneity in this project which chases the wild fun of the jungle.

▲被肆意生长的自然掩埋,Buried by the wanton growth of nature

▲晨雾散去,Morning mist cleared


Thanks to such natural endowments and design strategies, the final proposal is breathing: 3 types of cabin modules are embedded in the site, and the platform presents a rhythm of different heights to adapt to the terrain. The orientation and openings of the wooden cabins are carefully arranged to make them a viewing frame for each other. The main material of the cabin is Hongxue pine wood with insect-proof and anti-corrosion treatment, which still exposes the original wooden texture. We don’t even want this place to look like a clean and tidy new building, but rather an intimate dialogue between materials and the environment that has been going on for several years.

▲个体间丰富的框景关系,Rich framed relationship between individuals

▲平台和走廊上穿行,Walk through platforms and corridors

▲洪雪松木墙面,Snow pine wall

“适应性”与“未完成” “Adaptability” and “Incompleteness”


What is more special is that at the beginning of the design, program to introduce have not yet been determined. Therefore, while the space itself constitutes a landscape system, the owner also put forward requirements for the ductility and adaptability of future functions. We have conceived and listed some program that may be implanted here, which also serve as part of the basis for the design of the wooden cabin.

▲未来空间功能延展可能性探究,Research on the possibility of future spatial function extension

▲平台上的落叶,Fallen leaves on the platform 

基于未来的多种可能,演进出的3种木屋呈现了不同的构造、尺度、与开放性。 “空心”的设计也为二次功能深化预留了空间与结构基础。

Based on the multiple possibilities in the future, the three types of wooden cabins evolved show different structures, scales, and openness. The “hollow” design also reserves space and structural foundations for later development.

▲3种木屋,3 types of wooden houses

▲不同类型的木屋相互组合,Different types of wooden houses are combined with each other

▲“空心”木屋作为穿行于休憩的景观空间,也为未来的功能植入创造了条件,The “hollow” wooden house, as a landscape space that walks through and rests, also creates conditions for future function implantation


The multifunctional hall on the central axis of the “town” is an enlarged version of the small wooden cabin, like an “instruction” for the future functions of the three types of wooden cabin modules, and it is also the only space in the “town” that introduces indoor functions. The top of the ceiling is covered with shingles.

▲中轴线上的多功能大厅,Multifunction hall on the central axis of the site

▲多功能大厅北面视角,North view of the multifunction hall


The interior space passes through the glass, the central landscape courtyard and public steps, forms an opposite view to the entrance platform on the south side. The landscape courtyard satisfies the demand for evacuation, and also built a multi-level indoor and outdoor connection with multifunctional halls, public steps, corridors and observation towers when the event was held.


▲从多功能大厅望向前庭,Looking at the front courtyard from the multifunction hall

▲木瓦细节,Wooden tiles


The steel structure observation tower is the highest point of the entire island, visitors can have a good view for the whole lake area when standing on the top. The fa?ade of anticorrosive wood grille designed to reduce wind resistance presents various permeability from different viewing angles: when people looking from the boats on the lake, the towers erected in the jungle is looming. At sunrise and sunset, sunlight seeps from the gaps in the grille.

▲伫立岛上的瞭望塔,Watchtower on the island

▲从瞭望塔上俯瞰木屋小镇,Overlooking the town from the tower

▲随视角的变换呈现出不同的通透性,The tower shows different permeability with the change of perspective


The special vision of the project makes us full of curiosity about his tomorrow. We also envisioned countless implantable functions and events for him: camping site, homestays, drone obstacle races, hot air balloons, nature classrooms, yoga, Outdoor activities…, the space itself carries infinite possibilities. Or no one cares, with the barbaric growth of plants, they are gradually being swallowed up by the green, returning to a secret realm.

▲夕阳下逐渐点亮的灯光,The light gradually lit in the sunset

▲探出屋面的瞭望塔,Watchtower protruding out of the roof

▲丛林与木屋,Jungle and wooden house

▲平台缓和了木屋与丛林的交接关系,The platform eases the transition between the wooden house and the jungle












Project Information——

Project name:Island, Jungle, Cabin · Cabin Fairy Town

Designer:Shanghai Parallect Architecture Design Studio

Project Accomplish Date:5/2021

Chief Designer:Di Huang

Team:Meng Xu, Mingfeng Xiao, Baolei Liang, Ying Sun, Min Ding, Ying Jiang, Wuxinzi Deng, Xiangdong Xiao

Project Address:Jiujiang, Jiangxi

Photo Credits:Yingda Xu, Di Huang

Partners:Xian Dongluezheye, Suzhou Re-design Studio

Building Area:1198㎡