Yuppie culture, urban scene

As Honoré de Balzac said, “At the heart of elegant living is a great idea, which is coherent, harmonious, and whose purpose is to give poetry to things.”Against the backdrop of the new industrial revolution, the yuppie culture, which originated in America’s emerging Metropolis, was born with traces of avant-garde ideas and revivalism. And as society evolves and changes, no longer stuck to the east-west space fence, a new round of urban yuppie culture scene is fermenting…


For thousands of years, the city of Chengdu, has accumulated vicissitudes of human life fireworks. Under the wind of Shu, the capital of Tianfu is being renewed day by day under the nourishment of culture. The unique aesthetic interest, profound historical details and diversified scene symbols are constructing the contemporary distinct context.

场景正在改变着成都,使其从旧有“增长机器模型”中解放出来,用文化与价值动因驱动着城市未来新增长。Z 时代购买力崛起的当代,社区商业作为场景营造的范式开始走入大众视线中,并以社区、建筑、人群、文化活动及公共空间等相关要素不断激发城市发展的内生动力。

The scene is changing Chengdu, freeing it from the old “Growth Machine Model”and driving the future growth of the city with cultural and value drivers. With the rise of purchasing power in the era of Z, community commerce as a paradigm of setting has begun to enter the public eye, and community, architecture, people, cultural activities and public space and other related factors continue to stimulate the endogenous power of urban development.

新津自北周定名,位于成都市南郊岷江之滨,是平原古蜀文明发源地之一。从城市气质中汲取灵感,以“在地文化语境”、“新旧材料对话”、“多元场景营造”三大主线为空间叙事索引,将“ SMILE”超级符号植入其中,并通过古老文化与当代雅痞的“对立性”再次唤醒建筑群活力,重新定义人居生活风尚。

Named after the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Xinjin is located in the southern suburb of Chengdu, Min River, is one of the cradle of ancient Sichuan civilization in the plain. Drawing inspiration from urban temperament, the spatial narrative index is composed of “Local cultural context”, “Dialogue between old and new materials”and “Multi-scene construction”, and the super symbol “Smile”is embedded in it, and through the ancient culture and contemporary yuppie “Opposition”to wake up the building group vitality again, redefine the lifestyle.




Changes in the background of the times often affect the local expression of architecture. We take light and vivid fragments from the vicissitudes of history and extract the “Yuppie”side from the urban culture of Chengdu, and unifies the Xuhui Small Bear Ip to link the elements and so on tidal current, Vogue, quality, science and Technology, humanities, Retro. In the fermenting soil of regional gene and humanistic spirit, a cultural settlement and city territory beyond time and space can be presented and recreated.


Review “Jincheng”, half of the trend of history,Keep up with the times, rooted in Chengdu’s DNA,Asahi Bear Ip as a reflection of Asahi Young advocate,Bashi will be a good living life metaphor, and continue to deepen.


Based on a local habitat perspective,Activate the inner development vitality of the community,Meet the living and consuming needs of Generation Z,Add flowers, pets, toys and other fashion,Landscape and architecture into one, human and regional connectivity.




Material is a way to express the dialogue between the old and the new, we try to give the space space space space in the context of the past and the present, give the traditional architecture free breathing at the same time give the field a sense of modernity and vitality. Metal window, grille, glass and other materials and wall skin texture of different ages of the new and old landscape collage integrity and continuity, looking at the past history, on the one hand, leading to the far future.



The facades are reconstructed according to the principle of authenticity,To “Retreat”as the advance, retain the original texture of the building,Technology of modern decorative language superimposition Between the old and the new,To complete a dialogue between the past and the present.


Selling the smile box of emotions,To meet the pioneer interface attitude to life,Offline resonance. Emotional resonance,Migration among them, feel the charm of modern cities.




From the perspective of the aesthetic dimension of the new generation of consumers, we focus on creating a life scene where aesthetics and function merge, by breaking the concept of the original closed unit, the multi-functional scene district with the combination of Sichuan hot pot, geometric flower shop, Western dress customization and immersive museum is presented.


The Nightfall, silent,The colorful lights and the shop attract each other to reflect, become the scenery,The smoke of the marketplace roams about,Over a dense city,It’s a story of humanity and field.


Multiplex space,Set Entertainment, life, recreation, and so on,Lead the city fashion, adapt to human life,In shuttle between, become a beautiful scenery line.


Times change, nature, humanities, space interrelated overlap, mapping the poetic life imagination. Chengdu Xuhui Xinjin is a building that transcends geography and culture, refreshing the city’s interface with the smooth expression of yuppie culture, the organic dialogue between old and new materials, and the perfect multi-scene.







委托方项目团队 : 谭堃、田雨灵、胡蜀敏、赵子华







Project Information——

Project Name:Commercial packaging of CIFI Tianfu Future Center

Project Location: Chengdu, Sichuan

Design Scope: about 123.179 linear meters

Client:West China region of CIFI GROUP

Design Institute: Fun Connection Design

Client’s Project Team: Tan Kun、Tian Yuling、Hu Shumin、Zhao Zihua

Chief Designer: Zhang Yaotian

Design Team: Luo Congyi, Mao Wei, Jin Zhangying

Deepening Design: Zhang Bang

Graphic Design:Luo Congyi、Wang WeiLei、 Chen Ying

Photographer:Mu Yang

Script Edition: Design Epoch