Limitless cafe is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, in an old beautiful building,We‘ve had a little over a month to finish the project. It was a real challenge for us as proffesionals. Despite limited budget and time we managed to find quite a few non-trivial solutions for such a promising space.


▲Volves Interiors创始人Антон Волков 、Дарья Веселова

我们的目标是把这个仅38㎡的小咖啡馆打造出明亮、简洁的氛围,实现色彩与光线的完美平衡。顾客进入咖啡馆后首先看到的是一个装饰着氮化钛薄片的吧台,这种材料看起来像黄铜,价格却便宜得多。用作装饰元素的灯是由当地的一个车间制造,美丽的墙绘图案是由插画家Anna Ageeva用“一条线”的方法手工绘制。

Our goal was to design the interior of this tiny (only 38 sqm.) cafe as light and airy, not overloaded with clutter, perfectly balanced. The first thing that customers see when they enter the cafe, is a bar counter decorated with titanium nitride sheets. This material does look like brass, but is much more affordable. Lamps that are used as decorative elements were made in a local workshop. Beautiful drawings are made by hand in “one line” technique by Anna Ageeva, illustrator.



Old stucco was discovered after the dismantling of the dropped ceiling, which was installed by the previous owners. The layers of drywall imitating the coffered ceiling with plastic cornices and “gilding” didn’t seem promising. It was hard to predict what we were going to find beneath it and how much work needed be done after the dismantling. However after careful inspection we found that the dropped ceiling was hiding the real old stucco! We opened it, cleaned it from the old whitewash and varnished.



Color work, old ceilings, retro furniture and carefully selected accessories all give the space individuality and charm. Large window sills, lined with soft pink tiles, are used as additional tables and have quickly become the trademark of Limitless cafe and one of the most recognizable backgrounds for coffee in St. Petersburg.







建筑师:Леонид Соболев,Антон Волков, Дарья Веселова




摄影:Антон Иванов

Project information——

Project Name:limitless cafe

Design Firm:VOLVES ineriors

Architects: Леонид Соболев,Антон Волков, Дарья Веселова


Floor Area:38㎡

Location:St. Petersburg, Russia

Photography:Антон Иванов