See Sound是艺术家Rama Allen所创作的一件声音可视化作品,邀请了来自英国伦敦的世界著名Beatboxer:Reeps One 一起合作。他将多个循环的、可视化的元素与人声相结合,组合为一个多媒体雕塑。最酷的是,这些数字图像都可以被3D打印出来,如果你是位音乐人,你可以在自己的“声音”上签名,或是发布这样的一件“声音雕塑作品”See Sound使用了雕塑原理、循环测序法,数据可视化和飞行控制原理,创建了一条有体积的轨道图腾

See Sound is a generative artwork that creates sound sculptures based on the human voice, combining multiple loops and visualizations to form a multi-track volumetric record.See Sound lets us use our most intuitive instrument to create signature artworks that can be published as prints, digital images, 3D printed sculpture or looping audio/visual “tracks”.See Sound is no ordinary music visualizer. It uses principles of additive sculpture, loop sequencing, data visualization and on the fly controls to create orbiting totems that play back like a volumetric record.The premiere of the artwork and the film features the wickedly talented Reeps One, globally renowned vocalist.Created for Move.Me, an event exploring creativity through the collision of humans and technology.

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Rama Allen是The Mill的执行创意总监,与多学科的作家,设计师,动画师,电影制片人,建筑师,编码员,编辑,工程师和CG艺术家合作,创造新的电影体验。