As one of the four ancient capitals in the world, Xi’an is a city steeped in profound historical heritage, with a plethora of ancient landmarks. Despite this, the strong attribute of technology possessed by new energy vehicles presents a challenge when it comes to incorporating the charm of this ancient city into a modern retail space. As such, finding ways to seamlessly fuse these two contrasting elements has become the primary focus of this project.



01/ Flow of movement in a hide-and-seek style



The project site is situated on the first floor of a modern apartment building. One advantage is that there are transparent glass curtain walls on three sides, which provide the space with an excellent external display facade. However, the disadvantage lies in the structural walls of the building, which obstruct the display and divide the space into sections.


▲店铺外观Shop façade


Given these site conditions, we have adopted a new layout strategy. Unlike traditional open vehicle showrooms, we have arranged the space along the load-bearing wall and placed a show vehicle creatively in the center to meet functional requirements. This allows people to have a glimpse of the show vehicle from the display area, user area, and even outside the curtain wall. The layout piques interest and encourages people to explore and discover.

▲从室外看向空间内部,可窥探到展车的局部From the outside, a glimpse of the show cars can be seen within the space.

▲专属的用户区入口Exclusive access to the user area


The center show car can also be seen from the showroom. We have planned a VIP room along the load-bearing wall between the two show areas, as well as an open negotiation area on the other side.

▲嵌入空间中部的展车区 Show car area in the center of the space


The VIP room features a screen decorated with gold foil and blue, forming an abstract scene of the ancient city that responds to the local culture.

▲洽谈室VIP room


A shared landscape is set up between the VIP room and the open negotiation area, seamlessly blending nature into the space.

区域间的共享景观 Shared landscape between areas


02/ 以色彩和艺术回应品牌与城市的融合

02/ Echoing the integration of brand and city through color and art



To pay homage to the historical aspect of the ancient city, we incorporated substantial light beige natural sandstones into the space. Dotted throughout are elements of stainless steel, representing modern technology. This combination of light modern forms and beige sandstones have established the foundation of the space’s aesthetic.

▲空间的基调Aesthetic tone of the space


The thousand-year-old ginkgo tree is a historical symbol of Xi’an, with branches that have flourished for thousands of years, lending an air of rich artistic and humanistic appeal to the city.


The ginkgo tree in the thousand-year-old temple of Xi’an Zhongnanshan Mountain was planted during the Zhenguan period of the Tang Dynasty, over 1,400 years ago.


We utilized modern techniques to transform the ginkgo tree into a stunning art installation, and naturally integrated it into the retail space with a splash of Klein Blue to the design. By modern art, we have bridged the technological attribute of the vehicle brand and the local impressions of the city.

▲与空间融合的银杏树装置Ginkgo tree installation integrated in the space

▲装置细部Installation details


As one enters the user area, the space atmosphere gradually shifts to a warmer tone. The balance between the wood and blue elements is achieved subtly throughout the space.

▲用户区入口 Entrance to the user area

▲用户区吧台User area bar

▲用户区User area

▲空间细部 Interior details


In addition to the warm tone and a variety of seating formats to meet the needs of different occasions, a separate reading room with a long table is designed for quiet reading.

▲多样化的座位形式Diverse seating forms

▲阶梯座位区Stepped seating area



The gold foil lacquer paintings and screens in the reading room showcase abstract scenes of the ancient city, adding to its charm.

▲长桌阅读室 Long table reading room













Project Name: ZEEKR Center, Xi’an

Leading Designers: Yang Zhenyu, Liang Ningsen

Project Manager: Wu Xiuwei

Design Team: Wu Feng, Wu Ruinan, Wu Xinhong

Area: 380 ㎡
Design Phase: May – July 2022

Completion Time: November 2022

Materials: Natural sandstone, rock panel, mirrored stainless steel, golden sandblasted stainless steel, wood flooring, wood veneer, gray carpet

Client: ZEEKR

Photography: Yuuuunstudio, U-WE, Fan Baosheng