White is an excellent color that separates the building from the local environment–Richard Meier

白色也是能够将光与影的展示效果达到最大化的最好参照,建筑概念是打造“盒子”穿插交错的结构体,建构一个契合光与自然的代入空间。纯于手法,净于色彩,舒于自然,我们希望人/物/域能在此完美结合。设计希望建筑以 “纯、净、舒”为意念,借助光与自然景观的二者契合进而引入,使来源于自然界的基本元素融入空间,打造出最原始最纯粹的建构感受。

White  color is also the best reference for maximizing the display effect of light and shadow. The architectural concept is to create a structure with “boxes” interspersed and staggered to construct a substitution space that fits light and nature. Pure in technique, pure in color, comfortable in nature, we hope that individual/things/occasion can be perfectly combined here. We hope that the building takes the concept of “Pure, clean and comfortable”, and introduces it with the help of the combination of light and natural landscape, so as to integrate the basic elements from nature into the space and create the most primitive and pure construction feeling.


The semi-transparent artistic screens in front of the door is also cover the ultimate white color, and the metallic texture instantly breaks through the shroud in white, which can bring guests a hazy indoor world. Apart from its own constructive elements, there is no cumbersome object attached to the building. Connecting to the outside world is a reflective material that can cast light upon space and light. The smooth and straight white façade is surrounded and reflected by corrugated stainless steel. The shadows are vivid, and the light jumps between the corrugated metal and the interior, take a mercury-like quality to the building. .


​Light • Nature

光 • 自然


As a result of its location is the indoor environment, it is more luxurious to get more natural light from the outside nature . “The essence of life is the floor and the roof, the rest is proportion and nature.” – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. All the changes that take place in construction probably originate in nature. Light is created when there is no light. With the help of the height, we introduce the simulation of near-natural light into the construction. The vertical space and the reflection of the sky light in the construction achieve the effect of light and shadow.


The building blocks are like multiple rectangular boxes overlapping and staggered, With the help of the height, the construction was builded with a second-floor space. The narrow opening is designed to be light and penetrating, and the large area of greenery at the entrance connects the extremely white space inside the extension with the light, forming a dynamic and charming gesture in the environment. The existence of light, empathizing with nature, provides us with more imagination.


 Us • Life

人 • 居


The functional space under construction will eventually return to human life. The design divides the interior of the building into living functional spaces such as kitchen, living room, tea room, and stairs. The secondary use of SINTERED STONE is in this situation, expressing moments and independent narratives. The abstract structure is translated into a simple and shocking life form, dismantled and dislocated to achieve the most comfortable fit.




项目地点:中国 佛山

项目主创:劳天助 劳培算