When you feel the space with your heart, you could sense a different form of language and inspiration within the space itself. YOUSPACE’s design concept is that the space has variability, with continuity and multiple combination of other properties. The line between having and not having seems to be absolute as well as blurred at the same time.


The project itself is located in the transitional space between the ground floor and the first floor of the downtown shopping mall, as a stand-alone pavilion. The original building structure is irregular. After several interpretations of the site, Tianhui Design decided to keep the site simple from a functional point of view, shifting the focus to the human experience within the space to maximize the functionality of the space.


The design process considers light, vision, movement, and the interaction of spaces. The 5.5-meter-high underground structure has a long staircase. The lowest beam height is 1.2 meters while the lowest fire escape is 1.6 meters. There are two concrete columns with a diameter of 0.8 meters. Through several structural disassembles, hierarchical dissections and orderly reorganizations, we decided to utilize an iterative approach. In terms of size proportions, height levels, and shades of height to present the current display space.

楼梯区 staircase area


Connected to the 5.5m ceiling height is a 33-step suspended staircase with a platform that is divided four times to give each platform a single staircase of freestanding sight-box. The final sight wall at the end of the stairs is a hanging half-wall through which a long black bar can be seen. You can also see the dynamics of people passing behind the half-wall. The proper zoning and security of the space is extremely important. These include the triangular cut at the top of the stairs, the concrete surface of the original floor slab, the rough finish of the original beam structure, and the newly constructed concrete painted ceiling. The subtle and the rough, the neat and the unbound, the white and the grey, the primitive and the modern, are all linked together in “YOUSPACE”.


The space receives its “naturalization” treatment, which involves mainly white art paint, black plate paint, stainless steel lines, lacquered panels, and terrazzo made up of five kinds of material composition.

▲接待区reception area


The bar’s clean, butternut-shaped design and the steel-framed square tube interior structure treatment makes this 3.2m bar especially light. The combination of glossy Yashish white marble water boiling countertop and rough imported rock slabs adds a little more detail and texture. The contrast of black and white saves the unnecessary decoration to allow the feeling of the current clean and simple color, with linear LED light strips that make the whole space avant-garde with rhythm.



The design of the white house in the space avoids forcing the space directly into divisions, and increases the transparency of the upper half of the space on the premise of preserving the properties of the area. The white house is elevated to make the walking process more ritualistic, and the white house can be used as an office or a tea room. The linear light strips of the white house have a special sense of border when reflected on the transparent glass. The interactive light system of the space is produced again through a 400 x 700 window opening. The window opening above the ceiling is treated for the introduction of light into the large space and allow the flow of air.

▲过道 passageway


The two independent and seemingly symmetrical aisle design considers the bi-directional movement of people in the VIP reception room. The White House is like a landscape in the corridor, which touches the hearts of people unexpectedly. The thought of quality space is expressed in a calm and artistic way. Both structure and decoration should have life in the real-life scenes. The “naturalization” and “multi-property” of space is a topic worth considering.



In the end, we present a space with multiple combinations of scenes that can be displayed and furnished. Its uses vary from integrated office, business reception, and artistic communication and more.




When the experience of the space becomes a sense of enjoyment, the aesthetics of the space and the aesthetics of living will slowly merge into one piece.













project information——

Item name: YOUSPACE

Responsible Unit: Fujian Tianhui Design Engineering Co., Ltd

Construction Time: June 2019

Area: 700 M2

Design Organization: Fujian Tianhui Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project Design: You Xiaohua

Structural design: Ouyang

Art Design: Li Jing

Visual Design: Xu Luoying

Construction Unit: Tianhui Seiko