If “nothingness” is given to people, people can think about what “nothingness” can achieve.




Imagination drives the boundaries of space

沉浸的环境下,肌理所包裹的空间,隐秘深邃的尺度, 带来前所未有的冲击感与未知力量。嘈杂与安静的转换,光影与空间的交互,变幻的月球,彰显着它的潮汐力,其自然力量指引着我们探索内部空间。

Under the immersive environment, the space enclosed by the texture and the hidden and deep scales bring unprecedented shock and unknown power. The transition between noise and silence, the interaction of light and shadow and space, and the changing moon show its tidal force, and its natural force guides us to explore the inner space.

▲入口空间概览 Overview of the entrance space


Entering the indoor area from the entrance, round the blunt sun corners, and the faintly luminous opening conforms to the guidance of the light strip on the ground, predicting the warm and comfortable space attributes in advance. Combining the brand’s own concepts and innovations with space, such as diffuser light strips, rectangular booths, curved walls, and openings leading to the unknown, constitute a story of exploration in the unknown.


The combination with the brand concept of Chajue CHANGE expresses the collision, distortion and free tension of energy in the space through flowing lines and unique moving lines. Upward, divergence, reflection, suspension and large soft and pure colors spread around the CHANGE brand. The circling moving line guides the direction of the experiencer, and the walking person becomes the brightest element in the space, and finally forms this very attractive Taiyuan store.



Brand culture/space characteristics

基于原来的场地是位于写字楼内的两个独立空间 ,如何建立有趣及有效引导人群的动线是末染团队一如既往重视的问题。而在平平无奇的楼层过道内,让查觉CHANGE成为独树一帜、显眼但同时内敛的存在是设计团队的根本目的。

Based on the original site being two separate spaces in the office building, how to create an interesting and effective way to guide the movement of the crowd is a problem that the finishing team always attaches great importance to. In the mediocre floor aisle, it is the fundamental purpose of the design team to make Chafee CHANGE a unique, conspicuous but at the same time introverted existence.

▲空间生成 Space generation animation

▲前厅功能区 Foyer function area

▲步入中庭 Step into the atrium


We extract the brand’s DNA-freedom, personality, exploration, and attractiveness is its core essence. Like the moon, the earth’s faithful and good partner, it revolves around the earth again and again depending on the action of this gravitational force. The fusion of brand temperament and the gravitation extracted from the brand concept, under the joint action of people and space, creates an imaginary community that cannot be defined.



Mysterious celestial body outside the orbit


The shape of the suspended ceiling is a new structure, so it is shorter than the height of the floor. When looking up at this shape from a gap in space, the gaze is like star trails; when you look closely, there is light and shadow coming from nowhere in the gully. The light and shadow are falling along the wall.

▲中庭全景 Atrium panorama

▲中庭轴测图 Axonometric view of the atrium


The designer uses the sense of posture and weight, through an evolutionary way of mutual attraction between galaxies, so as to get a strong and powerful upward experience. The overall shape is composed of seven concentric circles of different diameters rotating, and the heights and lows between the circles are arranged staggeredly, which finally forms the most eye-catching black hole in the space. The beam of light oozing from the black hole also witnessed countless bright stars rubbing shoulders with it.

▲依附空间形成的休息区 Relying on the rest area formed by the space

▲顺应空间,保持克制 Follow the space, Remain restraint


The arc-shaped coiled light strip is combined with a coherent spatial structure. Customers move, stay, feel, and stop along the direction of the light in the space. After entering the rest area of the atrium, they look up, as if the celestial bodies in the vast galaxy revolve around their orbits. In this way, space and people interact and become landscapes by themselves.



Attracted by light


All the lines of movement in the space diverge around the atrium to form a natural line of gravity. The atrium is the darkest place in the space. The light from the opening in front, along the direction of the ground light, leads people to the depths of the space.

▲从后区望向前区 Looking from the back area to the front area


Walk along the atrium into the unknown journey. As the circling road gradually wins, a little peek into the mysterious inner space, attracting people to enter and extend inward like a black hole.


The designer hopes to continue to attract the curiosity of the guests through the design. The tone of the rear space is completely different from the darkness of the atrium, and it presents an extremely gentle tone. The light strip on the ground climbs along the wall and stretches freely on the wall, while the closed-loop flow line makes the customer feel natural. Wandering through the entire exhibition area.

▲颜色区分动静,光作为界限 Use color to distinguish movement and light as a boundary


In order to maintain the overall tone of the dark space, we have done many scrutiny on the choice of colors. Based on dark colors, pure materials interact with each other to create a peculiar sense of light under the multiple influences of reflection and refraction. Finally, in multiple free arc-shaped space blocks, the soft and uniform light feeling under multiple reflections creates a pure sense of space ritual. The seemingly powerful and domineering block presents tenderness like water and agility when people walk inside. feel.



Back to the essence of space


The gentle adjustment and controllable diffuse light source effectively provide users with soft light effects that can be freely selected, making the experience more free and immersive, and also providing the instrument operator with safer light effects for skin examination . The high-efficiency VIP room layout releases a large area of space to form a better public experience in the public area, so that the ‘concept’ has a more abundant interpretation area.

▲VIP管理室 The VIP room


From the perspective of design techniques,’minimalism’ means a high degree of systematic control over possible materials and processes from the early stage of design. We often interpret this sense of control as ‘closing the mouth’ so that the originally complementary systemic three points of ‘creation’, ‘material’ and ‘craft’ are fragmented apart.


People are always happy to praise the low-intellectual babble of’Listen to each stone’s own voice’, but avoid using complex and profound insights to touch the “systematic nature” when materials are closer to a discipline.

▲房间一角 Corner of the room


Light, the only subject in the dark space, is a dialogue medium between illusion and reality. Through light, supernatural, unknown, exploration, and dream emotions are told to emerge. The true perception goes back to the source and is presented in time.



Beauty and freedom

▲水吧 Bar

▲中庭造型细部 Atrium styling details

▲微妙的空间氛围 Subtle space atmosphere


Many connections between people are not necessarily connected by language. Sometimes the emotional transmission of “moisturizing things silently” is the higher level of communication. Using space to give people a deeper enjoyment of the five senses, allowing guests to synchronize their body and mind is to close together. Everything in the initial state, chaotic and disorderly forms an organic space, allowing time and light to flow gently into the internal place. In the entire spatial sequence, we are not constrained on the arrangement of horizontal and vertical lines, but through design techniques such as segmentation, superposition, and so on, to make the space staggered, and at the same time inject the freedom and silence that the space should have.

▲平面布置图 Layout plan