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Why do people have to be better than heaven


Start at the venue:


In the plane layout, the characteristics of the building structure are grasped, the starting point of the spatial layout is found through the two load-bearing bodies in the space, and the spatial function form conforming to the characteristics of the space building is developed, so that the internal structure of the building resonates with the building itself.


The vertical reorganization of curved surfaces is used to partition the space, which blurs the sense of space division. The curved shape of the partition also has a sense of integration and fluidity in the arc-shaped space; the integrated material of the wall and the ground, the partition is like an uncle standing out from the ground. , Presenting a completely different material texture and spatial tension, creating a flowing and soft space curve.


The division of the area is not just a simple space utilization. The movement line is based on the perspective of the space user. Through a large number of early investigations of the consumer’s behavior and habits in the space, it also combines the various functional areas in the space, according to the order of use of the space. We accurately place each area on the site to create the most suitable space use scene.


Not defined


The space keeps the “emptiness” and minimalism in the layout as much as possible, presenting the casual beauty of wabi-sabi. In terms of accessories, it fits the minimal language of the space, choosing furniture and furnishings of the same color system, emphasizing the integrity of the space. The lighting adopts no main lamp design, the same concise tone, and the hidden light source creates an atmosphere.


The space is dominated by Morandi’s neutral tones, without strong impact colors, and the earth color is used as the basic color. Different areas of different spaces under natural light derive different gray levels.


Replace all glossy surfaces with matte surfaces, and replace luxury with simplicity, presenting the beauty of the original ecology and simplicity. In order to make the space visually softer and purer, the use of curves and curved surfaces is very extensive, and the curved surfaces of various angles are reorganized and superimposed to present an elegant arc. The connection between the arcs on the wall modeling presents a sense of smoothness visually, which is different from the rigid turning of the straight line modeling, and the modeling is more beautiful.


Social space manuscript:

为访客营造出一种相对连贯切完整的空间体验: 一方面时刻身处错综复杂、峰回路转的小空间里,另一方面又始终能够感觉到一个完整连贯的、更大的背景式空间的存在。

Create a relatively coherent and complete spatial experience for visitors: on the one hand, they are always in a small space that is intricate and turbulent, on the other hand, they can always feel the existence of a complete, coherent and larger background space.


Amplify the formal power of the original wall clusters of the base, and visually cut off the original shear wall and The rigid mechanical connection between the ceiling and the ground eliminates the sense of spatial division they bring.


Entering the space, the combination of curves and straight lines constructs a large geometric volume, the use of micro-cement throughout the body, and the spatial structure collaborate to create a strong sense of impact. Visually, the extension and interweaving of lines contains the essence of human cell flow. When the entrants walk slowly, the relative situation of static and dynamic begins to take effect.



Abandon the traditional tough ridgeline, the soft and powerful curve in the space makes the original solid space become agile, thus reflecting the unique characteristics of women. As the designer said, “I don’t want it to be just a space with medical functions. As a place for shaping beauty, I hope that visitors can begin to reshape their body to mind as soon as they step into this space. The journey of beauty.”


The atmosphere of the dark scene is created, so that the place lit by light becomes the protagonist. The shadow stretches along the edge of the light, giving visitors unlimited imagination. Different levels of light and dark conversion give the release of inner emotions and a strong self-attribute, allowing a sense of soothing and free experience throughout.


Based on the reservation service system, the spatial process is from the first floor space to the VIP room on the second floor, which is a completely different space form from traditional beauty places, trying to combine two contradictions: extreme thickness and lightness, extreme strength and softness . Explains the presentation of contemporary women’s appearance and inner connection with the contradiction of space and the sense of drama.



The intersection of material and spiritual considerations, divided or combined, is plausible, while the integration of people and emotions promotes the continuous growth of new pictures and memories, creating an art space with contradictory systems and extreme balance. The natural attributes of the material are the best traders who inspire another way. They never stick to the old form, and their simple and avant-garde personality bring people a new sensory experience and create a cool sense of the future.


The high co-frequency of spatial attributes is the deep source of inspiration. In the transparent space movement, the hard-core texture and the strong atmosphere of future science and technology spray out without any disguise, presenting a dynamic and avant-garde visual quality. The designer takes “seeing and not seeing” as the starting point of thinking. In the orderly space, the designer cleverly uses the sense of time dislocation to create a sense of isolation and intersection between people, people and space, space and space, and create a sense of isolation and intersection with creativity. The spatial folds of dramatic conflict have formed a more rhythmic and intriguing story line.

空间的交错纵横,以“幻影”抽离现实,以“视觉”表达感知,于“静”的态势中,衍生出 “动”的强烈对比,如一场烟花般绚烂的空间魔术,让人着迷于其中,心甘情愿被牵引着赴一场艺术的催眠。大场景气度不凡,小细节也耐人寻味,这是兼容各种情绪的玩味。轻盈时尚,诠释不凡,细腻的细节处理,和视觉处恰到好处的比例心机,艺术的基因便是以这样的方式,注入我们的灵魂。

The space is criss-crossed, drawing away from reality with “phantoms” and expressing perception with “visuals”. In the “quiet” situation, it derives a strong contrast of “movements”. The splendid space magic like a firework makes people fascinated. Among them, I was willing to be led to an artistic hypnosis. The grand scene is extraordinary, and the small details are also intriguing. This is a playful compatibility with various emotions. Light and fashion, extraordinary interpretation, exquisite detail processing, and the right proportion of the vision, the gene of art is infused into our soul in this way.

Beauty and freedom


The design logic is as above, and nothing happens. The design logic of the project is spread by points and surfaces. It starts with the analysis and extension of the user’s specific behavioral scale on a beauty bed, spatial somatosensory and peripheral functional configuration. This design method provides rooms with a very high balance of functional applicability and experience in a limited area, and through the compact structure of the space, creates the guidance and ductility of the internal circulation and the sense of space. dramatic.


In fact, one side of contradiction exists in every scene, while the other side is harmoniously unified in this space. It is like the death and rebirth experienced by the cells in the process of beauty, and it is also like the self-struggle of each person’s inner self-struggle, metamorphosis and relief.


The exterior and interior of a group of phenomena have always been a huge and absolute link between the past and the future. There is no need to stop at narrow and stupid discussions about whether beauty should be pursued or whether the pursuit of beauty is morally appropriate. Exploring the boundaries of female traits through the establishment of layers of contradictions between material relations and spatial forms, and creating a dramatic commercial space experience through the collision of bright and cloudy, strong and soft forms, through the tough and calm appearance style and fullness The perceptual concept of space attempts to describe the inherent complexity of the intertwined physical gender and social gender of a person.



There is a dramatic and fascinating contrast between their appearance and the inside. This specific inner quality makes today’s female aesthetics a universal sense of rebellion and contradiction. Just as the cement texture of the main space does not point to coarse grains, on the contrary, the cement texture is adjusted with skin-like fineness and precision, while still presenting the calmness of gray tone on the whole.


-Whether it is artistic
-Still avant-garde
-Humanities are the soul background of everything
-All ideas implanted in the space
-All to evoke notes from the depths of people’s hearts
-Or Anshi
-Or jumping for joy