MEUNIER Technology Beauty Concept Flagship Store“Landscape in Fantasy”is situated on the 34th floor of Wongtee Plaza in Futian CBD, Shenzhen, China, with one of the city’s main road to the southwest. It is the second art museum-level medical beauty concept store that DOMANI has contributed to Shenzhen after the brand’s first concept store themed as ‘Bright night and gentle dismemberment’. It is also the platinum store with the highest level of equipment and service under the MEUNIER brand.


Logic: proceeding from point to plane


There are roughly two sketching approaches in Fine Arts Academies, outline drawing and point-to-plane. The first approach is often used in basic art school education. Teachers encourage students to use a 6B pencil as benchmark to scan and estimate certain object from a far distance, in order to achieve approximate accuracy and balance in its shape and proportion. However, this method was gradually eliminated by skilled people who have mastered the proportions and setting out method of various objects, still or moving, as well as the sense of brushwork. While facing certain ‘materials’, they can easily sense the key points and get the essence once they start sketching, with the rest of the picture spreads out accordingly. This approach, which requires great experience and foregone judgement, could create better works with clear intention and rich meaning.


Design logic is as above without much difference.


The project design logic is proceeded from point to plane, starting from analyzing the specific behavior scale of user in a operating bed, the sensation of being in the room, and the supporting equipments around, then extended. This design method archives a balance between the functionality and the user-experience in the guest room under limited area conditions. Through the compact and consecutive layout of the rooms, circulation pattern grows accordingly to lead the customer’s wander direction and creates an experience of dramatic in the space.


Inside the rooms, pure white environment features an intelligent, adjustable light system that provides soft diffused light source, to create an immersive free experience, and also a professional light condition for skin examination. And the efficient room layout also frees up a sufficient space for building the public area experience, giving more space to design for concept communication.


Concept:Landscape in Fantasy


Happiness lies in the mountains and waters. – Inspired by “Zhuangzi: The Autumn Waters” and “Liezi, The questions of Tang”.


Let’s take two famous painting of Song Dynasty for examples, one is Xiao Zhao’s work “Building on a Mountainside” and the other is Fan Kuan’s “Traveling on Xi Mountain”. In the Song Dynasty landscape paintings, waters are always left to be ’empty’, giving endless space for the imagination of modern gardening. As for this project, blank space in the public area in the store is as waters and shores in ancient paintings, and the guest rooms spread in the pattern of swimming fish crowd are set up as islands, then the rocks appear in between so as to create a landscape in fantasy.


Ancient articles state philosophical theory of scholars, and we pick up some of the ideas and practice them as we design. Eastern space construction has great interest in metaphors and ambiguities. To create endless reverie and the transformation between big and small space scales are the spiritual intention beyond form and time.

中国古典园林对这种隐喻和含糊的表达可谓巅峰,古人将黄石做山,洞石做云,自比做仙,池比四海,咫尺间洞天福地。后平安时代的日本人将这种隐喻学习发挥的亦是狠决,取唐宋园林中微末不见的枯山水发展出大海样 大河样 山河样 沼池样 苇手样,做汀立岛玩的不亦乐乎。乃至今天区区我等只知枯山水,不知唐宋。

Chinese classical gardens have fully displayed this kind of metaphor and ambiguity. The ancients used yellow stones as mountains and travertine as clouds, and regarded themselves as gods and ponds as the universe, so as to create a fantasy world even in a compact space. The Japanese in the post-Heian period were inspired by certain ideas of metaphor and imitated the Tang and Song style of garden, to develop their representations of sea, river, mountain, marsh and reed that earned greater reputations in the later history. As a result, modern people know more about Japanese dry landscapes rather than the philosophy and techniques of the original Tang and Song gardens.


Under today’s land policy and urban social structure, Chinese traditional garden style is barely exist, yet its core design methodology could be applied in certain space. We have the opportunity to practice the theme over the skyline of the city center to try to combine the essence of the classical garden concept with contemporary minimalist approaches, aiming to build a ‘floating’ garden-like space of freedom and transcendence named ‘landscape of fantasy’.


Referring to the empty water area in ancient paintings.


Scattered islands, inexplicit, geometrical arcs, and explicit interaxial angles. Artificially shaped, ambiguous and abstract, yet realistic is never what we pursue.


Scenes in eyes when one sits and sees.


Pond, coffee to sip, admiring clouds and enjoying makeup.


Techniques:second thought of hiddening


As a design approach, Minimalism means a high sense of systematic management over materials and techniques from the very beginning of a design project. This sense of management is often roughly understood as a well-perform of construction in details, yet design, material and technics should not be considered separately.


People always admire the phrase of ‘Listen to each stone’s own voice’ to emphasize the characteristics of each independent materials, not seeing the systematic of material construction as an mature discipline.


Unexpected reflexion, fantastic silica.


Material in space design is the texture of its tone, expressing design concept while deciding technique. There are four types of material refer to ‘nothingness’ with smooth finishing, black, white, mirror and transparency. Even though they represent various attitudes, they are telling the same story of ‘silence’. Also, the relevant construction techniques are the most difficult. With the absence of color and texture, structure and workmanship in the space becomes the only focus-point.


There is no doubt that a material of ‘wordless’ is preferred in a irregular curve space to shape a strong sense of silence, but at the cost of the raising accuracy requirement of developing, molding and the possibility of material loss. Although there is certain modulus of the fundamental radians of space, the virtual production process and the of potential loss of transportation and installation is still a big test for the construction team. Not mentioning the precision of fundamental horizontal works and the general embedded type of the finishing between different materials, or the sound-proof requirement and hiding constructural structures against the ultra-thin wall, only by the well-finished fish-shape light film could see the advanced balance between design and construction in the project.


Ultimate design means more than extraordinary and imaginative concept. It also relies on a rational consideration of implementation, starting from funding and design concept, to systemic technical planning, construction resources matching and budget control. An outstanding work regardless of scale must be the outcome of a serious of procedures.


There is no need for garden in a natural landscape. The meaningful spot for a garden hides in the middle of a prosperous city, which provide a sense of drama. And that is the reason why the industry is obsessed with the concept of ‘urban forests’ in recent days. It is the only way to build a fantasy in the endless process of city development, even if it is a fragile one.


Imagine, as you drive through the traffic jam to a renowned building in the city center, ride in a gorgeous, intelligent elevator then slowly walk in to the sky. A white landscape greets you. As you wandering around the islands, an ambiguous scene of the stretching city gradually unfold. Or you can enjoy a piece of rest and peace in one of the fish-shape rooms before falling back to the ground of realist routine in the city. This is drama we create.


The gardens we lack of and therefore we seek, is actually the drama in life, a chance to be descendent.


However, the passion we have, fortunately, grows in the certain lack.



项目地点:中国 深圳




室内设计:Ann Yu 余霖 / DOMANI 东仓建设

项目设管:Sue Wang 王舒洁 / DOMANI 东仓建设

深化设计:Sue Wang 王舒洁 张鹏妹 等 / DOMANI 东仓建设

装置陈列:A&V 桉和韦森

项目摄影:Vincent Wu 吴鉴泉