Barbershop is a type of barbershop that is different from hair salons: it has a tradition of only serving male customers. In addition to haircuts, shaving and grooming is also one of the important services. Starting from washing the hair, only one Barber completes the entire process. In foreign countries, in addition to enjoying their own services, men can also socialize, chat, and have fun in the store. It is a place without women in the traditional sense.

▲项目外观局部,partial view of the restaurant

▲项目内部空间,axon of the space


The contemporary Barbershop in China has gradually formed a trend around 2010, and by 2020, it has already gathered momentum. Traditional classic men’s oil tip shops are purely retro designs, but MonsterSpace’s brand format is not only traditional oil tip but also female care and retail, so this time we hope to bring some more fashionable look and feel to MonsterSpace’s new store design.

▲美发区域,Hairdressing area

▲项目空间细节,detail of the space


We reshaped the visual sense of a traditional street shop in the original open space of the mall. In the internal space, we put more emphasis on the visual composition, using classic black and white grid floor tiles and exaggerated wall plane elements to form a powerful visual impact, and the razors arranged on the wall make the space more atmosphere.

▲经典的黑白格地砖色块与夸大的墙面平面元素形成强有力的视觉冲击,The classic black and white grid floor tiles and the exaggerated wall plane elements form a powerful visual impact

▲墙面整列陈设的剃刀让空间更有氛围,Razors arranged in rows on the wall make the space more atmospheric

▲道具细节,Prop details





项目地点: 上海市浦东新区晶耀前滩购物中心

室内面积: 35平方米


项目团队: 黄玮 占锦明 赵丽颖 柳奕豪 陶媛 蔡赛宇 叶官欣



摄影: 或者设计OR Design