时光易逝,但人对美的追求却永不缺席。本案是位于无锡市运河外滩的美容会所,设计灵感来自美国本电视剧《了不起的麦瑟尔夫人》,她精致优雅,自信从容,与 MFUN 的客户群像相符,不惧时间,凝聚时光之美。

The designing spirit of this program is from American TV drama The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, the heroine is delicate and elegant, confident and calm, which meets the feature of MFUN’s customer group, who do not fear of time and the glory of time condense on their bodies.


The designer brought in Medieval characteristic to the space, created an atmosphere of home with warm colors . Though there are many kinds of colors, it still keeps a delicate and calm impressions.

The entire body consists of earth tone color, and the goal is to echo the natural texture of wood and rattan. The designer also used emerald green contrast tiles, coral red suspended ceiling and gray-blue velvet curtains to re-annotate a strong female color aesthetics.




The gigantic milky white ball on the ceiling is just like the pearl necklace on the neck of a lady, which makes the coral red suspended ceiling more bright and shining.


The all around surface is in the form of classic wainscot board, and modern simple-style lines were added. Mixing these two elements together, it will show a delicate and fashionable retro feeling.


On the left there is a fireplace made by red brick. Sit around the “fire” with several good friends and enjoy your afternoon tea time. Every design will coordinately foil the space story that the designer want to tell you. Make time stop in this moment, it must be concinnity and romantic.


琥珀,凝固时光的美丽。从前厅通往 SPA 的过道,是一段由小及大的空间,四个深绿色大理石方柱静静地立在道路两边,其上各放置一块特制的琥珀造型台面,来来往往间,在灯光的渲染中沉淀每一位客人的美好回忆。

Amber freezes the beauty of time. The hallway leading from the lobby to the SPA rooms is a space becoming large from small. Four dark green marble square pillars are quietly standing on both sides of the road.Four special amber-shaped table top is placed separately on each of the stone pillars. From coming and going of the guests, their beautiful memories are precipitated in the rendering of light .

本案共有三个 SPA 包间,设计师给它们各自赋予了一个主题——花园、植物园、衣帽间。
There are three SPA rooms in this program, the designer gave each one a theme–Garden, Botanical Garden and Cloakroom.



In the Garden we will have a cozy and comfortable entertaining time, with butterflies around the snow mountain, which will keep clean and pure in the Spring light of morning.


In the Botanical Garden, green color embellishes the American retro warm colors. I am making a painting, when you come in the room, there will be just one person going into the painting and become one part of the scenery.


成熟女性的美在于褪去青涩,花开正好。在这里你不用迎合谁,你只是一个热爱自己的人。“SHE IS REALLY GOOD.”

In the Cloakroom, the beauty of mature women is in casting off their green and astringency, just like the flower is blooming. Here it is no need to cater someone, you are just one person that loves yourself.“SHE IS REALLY GOOD.”


We believe that the beauty of women is not only blooming in the face of youth, nor stuck in the eyes of The Times, but more deeply hidden in the soul that is still persistent and precious after being honed and honed by life. Therefore, we use the composed style to harmonize the gorgeous color, use the fine line to express the gentle emotion, and integrate the beautiful experience into each experience detail, so as to support the customers’ self-pursuit of “Mrs. Maisel” style, and pay respect to each lady who is serious about life.















Project Information——



Owner:MFUN·BEAUTY TOWER beauty club

Category:RETAIL、SPA commercial space

Location:Canal Bund, Wuxi, China

Area:200 m²

Layout:Lobby, Exhibition space, The Public area, Pantry room,Corridor, Spa room, Toilet,Make-up room,Back up area,Show window

Completion time:2020.06

Main materials:Wood veneer,the rattan wallpaper,floor timber, Tan stainless steel,Floret brick,Semicircular round brick

Space design:Wang Kai,Sun Junyi

Furnishing design:ZHIJII Deng Huahua, Qi Aoshuang

Project Photography:Chen Ming