KULT is a barber shop located in the heart of Odessa, in the old part of the city. We got a room 100 meters in the old building. It was impossible to put anything heavy on wooden floors, even tiles, so we had the option of either linoleum or bulk floor.

资金紧张,极简主义,专注,清晰-当团队回顾KultBarbershop项目时,这些词一直在他们脑子中蹦出来。“困难是发明之母”的这句话经常被引用,设计团队很赞同这个概念。 在他们心目中的困难并不意味着仅仅缺乏资金,项目的时间也十分紧张,从开始设计到施工完毕,整个周期仅有三个月,设计周期1.5个月,施工周期1.5个月,因此设计团队选择了最简单的解决方案。

Poverty, minimalism, focus, clarity – these words kept popping in our mid when we reviewed the Kult Barbershop project.Variations of “Poverty is the mother of invention” are quoted often, and we tend to agree with the notion. We had very tight deadlines, only 1.5 months for the project and 1.5 months for the entire construction, so we chose the simplest solutions. Therefore, we just aligned the walls and covered it with specially designed decorative plaster for us, saving time.

项目位置也非常好,在希腊街40号的旧市中心,距离该市最著名的步行人行道Derybasovskaya街只有一个街区。 在这三个月中,需要设计并建造一个理发店,其中要包括一个纹身空间和修指甲的空间。 具体来说,他们不想要任何标准的理发店里面会有的元素-深色皮革、深色木板,裸露的砖块或横梁、留胡子的男人和酷酷的头发造型。

The project location is excellent, right in the old city centre at Grecheckaya Ulitsa 40 (Greek Street), one block from the city’s most famous pedestrian walkway, Derybasovskaya Street.In six weeks from start to finish the client wanted a contemporary barbershop that also included a tattoo parlor, and pedicure and manicure for both men and women. The specifically did not want any of the standard barbershop fare – no dark leather, dark wood paneling, exposed brick or beams, and no images of men in beards and cool haircuts.


Because there was no time to experiment or test, the designers covered the walls with specially designed decorative plaster, opted for a completely black, white and grey colour scheme and created a low mezzanine for relaxation with custom-designed furniture.The result is not earth-shatteringly unique but the shop has a strong, minimalist sense of order, clarity and integrity. You know what you are looking at, no guessing or distractions. 






项目名称:KULT barbershop






设计团队:Iva Gaidarshy, Dmytriy Sivak, Kyrylo Verbych

摄影:Anton GaretsProject

project information——


Designer: Iva Gaidarzhy

Chief Designer: Sivak Dmitry

Engineer: Cyril Verbich

Company Name: SIVAK + PARTNERS

Project Year: 2019

Project Location: Odessa

Project Area (Sq m): 105

Photographe:Anton GaretsProject