The inspiration comes from Istoria hotel in Santorini.Sometimes, the moment of wonderful things skipping ahead attracts us a lot.If you can not stand in front of her immediately,Then you can draw her out.That’s the designer’s special insistence for niceness.


大隐隐于世,SENSE STUDIO “集”美发工作室作为一群热爱行业的年轻创业者共同创立的品牌,不同于普通的商业空间,她守拙抱朴,脱离了传统的闹市商业区,把自己隐匿在烟火市井的点式楼里,依然掩盖不住自身的商业价值。

Hidden in the city, SENSE STUDIO, a brand co-founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who love the industry, is different from the ordinary commercial space. It is simple and humble, breaking away from the traditional downtown business district and hiding itself in the point building at marketplace. However, the location still cannot cover its own commercial value.



The entrance is made into an independent box-shaped space. Although it is clumsy in shape, the sense of ritual when people enter the interior space far offsets the trivial disadvantage. Pedestrians can peep into the depths of the building when they pass by, but they can’t see all the internal space. The indoor partition wall can prevent customers from being monitored. The opening in the wall makes the whole space still transparent, and maintains communication with the outside world.



The unobstructed glass window on the left of the entrance seems to frame the limited internal space in a painting in the overlap of light and shadow.




The designer re-divided the waiting area to provide a comfortable waiting space for the customers or their companions. The whole space is decorated with white real stone coating and concrete color, supplemented by a warm fireplace and artistic decorations, which together create a relaxed atmosphere like a living room and increase affinity. The partition, which is extended by Roman columns and arches, defines the boundary between the waiting area and the rest area.Acrylic transparent bench, on the one hand, satisfies the basic functions: it blocks the generatrix in space, but has no visual obstacles at all. Just like the modeling is not completed, it gives people unlimited reverie visually.



We didn’t design it as a traditional category of commercial space. After satisfying the basic functions, we paid more attention to its artistic expression and emotional interaction. We hope that all people in this space can get surprises other than haircuts.We haven’t done too complicated generatix in spatial planning. We want to express a direct interaction method: all haircuts are done in one go.We pay more attention to let all people that sit at any angle in this space feel the direct visual communication of beautiful things.



A large area of white natural stone coating “collides” with the texture of the concrete, retaining the texture of the original old building, blending with the new material, and producing a different chemical reaction. The chemical reaction may be a contradiction, a confrontation, but finally an interdependence.



In order to have the same texture as the concrete of the original building, we made a lot of discussions on the shape of the reworked concrete wall, including the proportion of materials and the shade of color. It was found that no matter how we distressed the wall, it was still not comparable to the one polished by the years.



We think that the design of business space is not just a simple layout design. We hope that customers will ponder in the space, take photos with it, upload them to social networks, appeal more hidden customers to increase business popularity。 In this case, it will obtain more business value, promote the improvement of business operations, and transform the improvement into driving force. By reorganizing the store’s space, the designer creates a space that meets the needs of the target customer group, breaks the boring pattern of traditional beauty stores, and helps the brand to further enhance and expand the business.



设计公司:NEO DESIGN 内设计








Project information——


Design Company:NEO DESIGN

Design Director:Neo.

Project Location:No.18 Mingzhu garden, Taizhou, Jiangsu

Design Time:April, 2020

Completion Time:May, 2020

Design area:200㎡

Photographer:Hui Sheng

Materials:Stainless steel, marble, mirror