Design is never a one-time product, and the cooperation with Party A is a long-term relationship. In the summer of 2013, two teenagers found me and invited me to transform a hair salon, so we had a good cooperation. The gray concrete wall and the rusty iron composed of the geometric surface have created a spiritual world that very much advocates freedom, revealing the publicity in the bones.


With the iterative upgrading of business models, the integration of social elements has become a new consumption trend for the younger generation of consumers. The time to meet FEIFAN again is in 2019. The former teenager became Ouba. I also became a panda daddy. Time may be able to take away our appearance, but our original intention will not be taken away. We bring new transformations, new explorations, new attempts, and forget what we see in front of us, and we begin to re-find inspiration in this space.


With longing, we started working, but then the problems came like tide.Does the hair stylist need an independent and open space?Do guests need a comfortable waiting time?Do the two uncles need their own spiritual realm?How to design enough storage space?And some other details.



With these questions, we changed the design idea with space products as the core to the design idea with the scene as the core. In this transition process, we let the consumption elements weaken, make the social attributes of the business unit more obvious, and experience services are no longer just consumption.



So we carefully sorted out each problem. According to the size and configuration of the space required, we made all the problems into a small square box of systematic solutions and tried to cram some spaces. We were ecstatic to find out that the design work is done? With doubts, we constantly push back, and as things continue to progress, our confidence becomes stronger and stronger, and we are constantly looking for the most reasonable solutions and business analysis.



“Empathy” is a theoretical concept guiding design derived from psychology and aesthetics. It can directly penetrate into the theoretical analysis of the spiritual needs of the commercial space, so as to further generate systematic methodology and practice it. In this multi-level space, the main work area of the stylist is basically on the first floor, so we combined a huge pillar in the middle to make a square box to change the rational use of the entire space.


The front and back of the box are the front desk and VIP hair design area respectively. On the side, we used a small space to solve the problem of storage and water supply. A clear functional partition is formed around the square box to lay out the entire space.




There are only two materials for all wall surfaces, white latex paint and light-colored wood. The use of these two materials forms horizontal and vertical lines, giving a clean and comfortable feeling. On the first floor, we set up 17 hairdressing stations, each of which is independent of each other during use. The seats and sofas use black primary colors, and there is no other color to decorate them. In such a pure environment, the space looks more rhythmic.



Stimulate customers’ associations in an emotional environment. Through minimal spatial experience, consumers’ perception can produce corresponding emotional projections, and finally guide consumers to generate corresponding commercial value through different designed areas. For example, if customers need to take selfies, we designed the surface light intensity, which can fill the light and improve the comfort of the space at the same time. This layout is based on various combinations of services and equipment characteristics. They can be independent or aggregated.



Every square meter has its points that can be shaped. At the worst place, we transformed it into a shampoo area with high privacy. Interestingly, it become the most frequently used place in daily business activities.


空间作为商业重要的载体,传递给我们日常生活中没法直观体验到的美学感受。从而新时代的“探店”逐渐成为网红式的Life Style,打卡潮流店铺正是当下年轻人的消费习惯。

Space, as a very important carrier in business activities, conveys the aesthetic feeling that we can not intuitively experience in daily life. The new era of shop exploration has become a very popular lifestyle on the Internet, and visiting trendy shops is the lifestyle of most young people today.



When the customer completes the styling design, a beautiful place to take pictures is absolutely necessary. We set out to transform the stairs that are popular on the Internet. In addition to the pure white appearance, we also added some geometric figures to the corridor. The addition of windows and mirrors makes the entire second floor more transparent.



On the second floor, we have established different small spaces to satisfy the individual needs of consumers according to different usage needs. We hope to simplify the space issue as much as possible, at the same time, we expect that something meaningful can be matained during the wonderful time.


Temperature design is a design method that we combine with ourselves. We humanize, experience, socialize and space are connected with each other, and establish a new consumption method in space perception ability. This is also the vision and attemp of the extraordinary brand.


So far, we have completed this design work. Whenever you walk into this brand-new store from the bustling urban area, all nervous nerves will relax in this extraordinary space, the mood will be relaxed, and enjoy the next time. .Gently we left, just as we came lightly, say goodbye to their own space.










设计团队: 寸匠熊猫设计团队


Project information——


Design Company:Artisan of CUN PANDA?Architecture Design


Area: 400㎡

Lead designer: JC Lin

Design team: CUN PANDA Design Team

Photographer: GL YANG