There is no immortal, including the art itself. From the only immortal, is the art of the understanding of people and the world.

——Van Gogh


Art is the infinite bursting of inspiration and imagination. The understanding of people and the world that it conveys is a utopia rising on the real world. The expression captured in instant moments and the poetic beauty behind functions is not representation but the human desire for the soul. It is a spiritual symbol and a strong belief that is unable to deny in a routine and simple life.


When space design is enshrined in the form of art, an avant-garde fashion sense will be born by breaking through the boundaries of art and adding visual magic above the real functions and within the plain spatial divisions.


“Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model.”


The natural attributes of materials are the most inspirational traders. They emerge from the old forms and create a simple yet advanced and hot style that brings a new sensory experience and a cool future sense to people.


The differential expression of forms often leads to the ultimate effect of visual aggregation. Space regenerating within space creates unique units yet associating with each other. It is a weapon for capturing light and a new exploration of art.


The high resonance of spatial attributes is the deep root of inspiration. Hardcore texture and the strong mood of future technology unabashedly spill out a dynamic and avant-garde visual in the transparent running space.


With“seeing and not seeing”as the origin thought, the designer cleverly makes use of misplaced sense of time in an orderly space to create an isolated and crossed feeling between people and people, people and space, and space and space. The creative spatial folds of dramatic conflicts form a more rhythmic and intriguing story context.


Creativity is an infinite brain-hole and design is a temperate game. The asymmetry and non-harmony created from an unimaginable and rational collision is just like a wonderful chemical reaction, which leads to the presentation of the differential space, with a glance at each scene and a step for each style.

空间的交错纵横,以“幻影”抽离现实,以“视觉”表达感知,于“静”的态势中,衍生出 “动”的强烈对比,如一场烟花般绚烂的空间魔术,让人着迷于其中,心甘情愿被牵引着赴一场艺术的催眠。

Pulling away from reality by “Phantom” and expressing perception by “Vision”, the crisscrossing space induces a strong contrast of “moving” in an atmosphere of “silence”. Like a firework-like gorgeous space magic, one will be fascinated and hypnotized by the art most willingly.


Big scene is magnificent and small detail is intriguing. This is a playful act flourishing with all kinds of emotion. Lithe style is expressed in an extraordinary way. Details are managed delicately. Vision is portrayed by the right proportion. In this way the genes of art will influx into our souls.


Humanity is the soul of everything, no matter it is artistic or progressive. All the ideas implanted in space are for arousing the music notes deep down in the mind of people, for comforting and cheering.










主要材料:新中源“绚”系列黛山砖、新中源“BIG+”水磨石砖、蓓柯艺术漆 、水晶玻璃砖、渐变夹胶玻璃、微晶石

主要品牌 :新中源陶瓷、蓓柯漆



Project information——

Project:MOMO Salon Club

Location: Yiwu, Zhejiang

Designer:Jianwu Zhang

Design team:WUSUN SPACE

Soft Team : WUSOO SOFT

Designing Time:2019.03.12-2019.04.15

Opening Date:2019.07.20


Main materials :

XINZHOGNYUAN CERAMICS “XUAN” series Daishan Brick , XINZHOGNYUAN CERAMICS “BIG+” series Terrazzo Brick, Beckers Artistic paint, Crystal glass brick, Microcrystalline stone


Lighting Design : Zhangcan Lai

Photographer:Yiwen Xu