DJI 大疆创新,致力于成为持续推动人类进步的科技公司,通过科技创新重塑人们的生产和生活方式。E Studio与大疆一直保持着密切的合作关系,持续三年以来的科技零售实践合作,不断研发满足新消费需求的空间和场景。

DJI is a tech company that endeavor to empower creativity and innovation for human. They have reconstructed human production and lifestyle through scientific and technological innovation. E-Studio has been working with DJI closely in the past three years in the practice of t retail space for tech, and constantly developing spaces and scenarios in the demand of the new consumers.


DJI & HASSELBLAD Store is a new store type SI of DJI, aimed at creating a perfectly concept image experience space. You can experience DJI and Hasselblad for a closer look at image products, enjoy the masterpieces and appreciate the originality and the beauty of technology.


The first concept flagship store in Shanghai is located in the bustling Xintiandi commercial street. The entire building retains Shanghai’s modern iconic Shikumen facade and the inner district responds to the Historic Blocks with a minimalist technological image. This starts a dialogue between “past” and “future”.


The challenge in developing the image of DJI&HASSELBLAD Blend Store SI was to explore a balance between two brand attributes: “DJI innovation representing the future” and “Hasselblad camera standing for the immortal classic”, and the brand convergence and differentiation in the same retail scenario.

而今百花齐放争奇斗艳的市场商业氛围下,什么形象能代表大疆和哈苏?唯有大疆和哈苏的产品才能足够代表品牌本身。E Studio希望呈现极致的工业设计与产品展陈体验,因此在空间设计上使用减法,去除一切出跳的造型,仅保留材质和空间块面的感受,让产品得到最大程度的突出与展示。

In the current commercial atmosphere where all flowers bloom together and there is fierce competition. What image can represent DJI and Hasselblad? Only the products of DJI and Hasselblad can fully represent the brand itself. E Studio hopes to demanstrate the ultimate industrial design and product display experience. Therefore, the subtraction is applied in the room design, eliminating all the salient parts and only retaining the feeling of materials and space blocks. Eventually the products could be extremely highlighted and displayed.


On the first floor, the DJI product experience area is set up, and on the second floor, the HASSELBLAD video gallery and workshop are build.


The first and second floors are connected by a dynamic metal spiral staircase, which creates a sense of lightness through the glass curtain and forms an interesting optic artistry with the sunlight. The hollow part of the spiral staircase is used as a test flight experience zone in the store.


It emphasizes the integration of future technology and timeless classics to create a museum exhibition with a sense of quality. The gray stone interior of constitutes a pure container and the exquisite products are neatly and evenly displayed on the “great stones”. All displayed and exhibited appliances are made of stone, forming a regular and stable stone matrix. The homogeneous space makes the products more prominent.


“这是我一个人的一小步,但是整个人类的一大步。”1969 年,当尼尔阿姆斯特朗作为人类第一人首次踏上月球表面时,他这样说道。


“It’s a small step for me, but a giant leap for mankind.” said Neil Armstrong who first set foot on the surface of the moon in 1969.










Some moments

are destined to become classics

Before light and shadow become images

Behind the camera, inspiration was burst out

All starts with a person

The pursuit of breaking through regularity

From the film days to the digital days

Hasselblad aim to strike image tools

Interpret image creativity to spark off inspiration

记录经典,成为经典!八十年里,哈苏定格无数传奇一刻。E Stuido策划哈苏的零售区为艺术画廊,弱化商业零售的攻击性,以艺术的方式再现经典瞬间,使影像爱好者可以自然的沉浸其中。画廊选择1969年阿波罗“登月”作为主题,陈列限量版NASA监制1:1宇航员雕塑。

Record classics and become classics! Over the past 80 years, Hasselblad has captured countless legendary moments. E Stuido has designed the Hasselblad retail area as an art gallery, reducing the aggressiveness of commercial retail and recreating classic moments in an artistic way. Therefore, video enthusiasts can get absorbed. The 1969 Apollo moon mission was chosen as the theme of the gallery, with a limited edition 1:1 NASA astronaut sculpture.


The overall color is moderately restrained in the he space, reserving the proportion of color for the video works. The Hasselblad exhibition props were made of matte black wood grain. The soft gray leather surface sets off camera’s delicate industrial design. The iconic orange of Hasselblad shutter button is integrated into the design of cabinet props, which makes the brand feature more obvious in the black space.

思考这个时代可执行的SI形象设计,打造符合品牌气质的空间同时兼顾可复制性和全球范围内异地施工的品控问题,E STUDIO基于大疆和哈苏的产品体验开发了一系列的展陈道具模块,建店以“拼乐高”的方式实现高适配度的灵活组合。

Consider the executable SI image design in this era and create a space that fits the brand while taking into account the reproducibility and quality control of off-site construction worldwide. E STUDIO developed a series of exhibit modules based on DJI and Hasselblad’s product experience, and built flexible combination in the way of “Connecting Lego” to achieve high fitness.


In this case, the construction and display props to realize the standardization and prefabrication in the factory. The loss is reduced through reasonable transportation, thus realizing an efficient global store opening.


There are over a hundred DJI ARS stores worldwide. The flagship storet is located in “OCT HARBOUR PLUS”, one of the most popular commercial center in Shunde, Foshan.


The building takes a sleek polygon shape as a contrast of the rectangle area. Ultra-transparent glass is used overwhelmingly to construct the facades of the building, making the store itself a landscape that is fully blended into the surroundings, providing maximum views for the block, and creating a unique and futuristic image for Happy Coast.


The design retains the original structure of the building to the maximum extent, but modern elements are also taken into consideration. As a result, a sloping and irregular roof is adopted. Though it is difficult to balance between the traditional beam structure and the irregular roof, it is worth trying, as we believe the era of technology deserves pioneering design. Considering the overall in-store environment and atmosphere, soft films are partially used in constructing the mansard ceiling, where the divergence of light creates a clear and natural lighting effect.

在未来,E Studio依然致力于探索商业空间设计,从高科感、艺术性、新材料的运用,到多元社交、互动开放环境的营造,多方面挖掘商业痛点,将商业空间的构建推到全新高度。

In the future, E Studio will continue the endeavor to explore retail space design, and search for the critical points in designing such space, from the artistic application of technology and new materials to the creation of diversified social interaction and open environment, in the hope of pushing retail design to a new level.


项目名称:DJI& HASSELBLAD大疆哈苏概念店

项目地点:中国 深圳

项目面积:580 m²



摄影:yuuuunstudio、谭汇韬Tony Tan

Project information——

Project name: DJI& HASSELBLAD

Project Location:  ShangHai, China

Project scale: 580 m²

Completion time: 2022.03

Interior design: Ken Junjian, Zhou Xuanzhuo

Cooperative design: Fang GuiYun,Huang ChenXi,WU LeQing

Photographer: yuuuunstudio、Tony Tan