“Hub” comes from “Wen Xin Diao Long – Preface” “Hub of the text is also linked to the small details”, which explained that the most important part is the central link of things interconnected. As the largest water, land and air transportation hub in the interior land of China, Wuhan is known as the “Thoroughfare of nine provinces”. The city has not only a strong historical deposition, but also the rapid urban development and changes in the industrial construction. As one of the leading menswear brands in Wuhan, China, the GXG flagship store – a two-story building was designed by MAS.

▲武汉旧照(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Old Photos of Wuhan © MAS

▲GXG品牌宣传照(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/GXG Brand Promotion Photo © MAS


In bustling and dynamic environment of Wuhan, the design team gained different experiences and perspectives through visits and excursions: the spatial scene of everyday life – Wuhan: a hub where time and space are interwoven and intertwined – serves as the main source of the design. A volumetric strategy grows out of the order. However, it is also required to the cut order to create a new public realm and a new commercial space in the street. Meanwhile, a variety of materials and architectural structures are considered, so that the new interventions could achieve an unexpected state between the old and the new.

▲武汉街景(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Wuhan Street Scene © MAS


The facade is an expression of the integration of time into space through the array of three rectangular squares that delineate the originally blurred scope of the store and empower the flowing material property to it. Meanwhile, MAS still promotes the integration of multiple behaviors and various demands in its design. By studying the composite time in the social action among people and the composite site and space under the diversification of social forms, the new phenomenon of the merger of evolution and behavior is the core of the design.

▲建筑外立面(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Building Facade © MAS

▲入口细部(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Entrance Detail © MAS

于一层入口处植入全新咖啡品牌Circle Center并向街道开放,以激活店铺与街道间的联系,作为品牌与城市、街道、人之间的连接端口。

The brand-new coffee Circle Center was implanted at the entrance of the first floor and opened to the street to activate the connection between the stores and the street, and serve as a port of connection between the brand and the city, streets and people.

▲入口咖啡吧(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Entrance Coffee Bar © MAS


During the design process, the team contemplated the concept of the future, which intends to express the moment when people are going to enter the future. A “transportation hub” is moored on one level of space. Perhaps the Earth is no longer suitable for people to live in the future, the hub will undertake with the “Seeds of Pandora” of hope to explore new dwellings outside the system. The “Sundial” time device outside the hub are counting the arrival of this moment, the “survival supplies” stacked around is also ready to go.

▲一层售卖区(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/First Floor Sales Area © MAS

▲打卡区(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Check-in Area © MAS


A buffer zone is located between the first and second floors, which is the second composite space in the overall design. The free space provides functions such as stopping, punching, and socializing. The shuttle of the original building pipes and the stacking of materials work together to create a scene that is full of interest and busyness.

▲夹层复合空间(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Mezzanine Compound Space © MAS

▲楼梯(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Stairs © MAS

▲楼梯细部(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Stair Detail © MAS


The second floor of the building is the core of the future hub, the whole is designed symmetrically along with a central axis. The array of modular lighting system and a logical ground-based segmentation structure just likes being in a hub data center or a research testing ground. Through the overlapping application of space, products and installations, it could provide customers with the ultimate immersive experience.

▲二层售卖区(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Second Floor Sales Area © MAS

试衣区(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Fitting Area © MAS

▲试衣间(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Fitting Room © MAS

▲货架(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Shelves © MAS

▲货架细部(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)/Shelf Details © MAS


Time contributes to space, while space bears time. The design is integrated with the atmosphere of city, so that people could interpret themselves and the world through the future hub in turn. As the industrial emissions continue to encroach on every concrete jungle and the ecology of an increasingly saturated planet is at risk, the future hub is staying here and ready to leave any time. At the moment, what can people take with them? And what will be discarded in the end?

▲平面图(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)Floor Plan © MAS

▲剖面图(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)Profile © MAS

▲道具分析图(图片@芒果建筑设计有限公司)Props Analysis Chart © MAS















Project Information——

Project Name: GXG Wuhan Flagship Store

Location: Wuhan, China

Space and installation design: MAS Mango Architecture

Lead Designer: Jason Fan

Designers: Pink Wang, Alexx Wei , Aboluooo, Echo Zhu, ViVi Zhao

Completed date: August 2022

Building area: 500㎡

Construction and production: Wuhan Hongqianghui Decoration

Props production: Ningbo this excellent decoration

Signage production: Decoration from Ningbo Jingyou

Lighting design: Rongxi Lighting

Photography: Salomé

Main materials: Stainless steel, stone