Swiss Butchery是一家位于上海的正宗进口肉店,客户委托STUDIO DOHO将一家标准的肉店设计为一家完整的肉类体验中心。该项目包括一个完整运营的肉店,烧烤角,超市和烹饪学校。该项目的目的是打造一家全方位服务的的商店,顾客可以在这里购买进口肉类和商品,在烧烤角品尝最新的菜谱,报名参加烹饪课程,学习如何在家准备食物或举办社交烹饪活动。

Swiss Butchery, a Shanghai-based authentic imported butchery, commissioned DOHO to develop a standard butchery to a full meat experience center. The project consists of a full working butchery, grill corner, supermarket, and cooking school. The intent is a full-service store where people can shop for imported meats and products, taste new recipes at the grill corner and sign-up for cooking classes to learn how to prepare the products at home or have a social cooking event.






Inspired by a Swiss chalet, large wood timbers were integrated in the key shopping walls and cooking school to maintain an authentic Swiss concept.



A feature saw-tooth ceiling connects the diverse space to provide continuity across all areas, while creating a ceiling that feels airy in the large space.

深色调的木材用于创建一种高级的外观和感受,同时融合了Swiss Butchery鲜明的红色色调。

Dark tones of wood were used to create a premium look and feel, while integrating the distinct Swiss Butchery red accent.


该项目与Weber Grill的烧烤设备、Zwilling的刀具和餐具、以及与Boska的奶酪用具合作。

The project features collaborations with Weber Grill for grill equipment, Zwilling for knives and cutlery, and Boska for cheese utensils.

步入式的Dry Ager提供多种多样的熟成肉类选择,以成为标准的肉店。

A walk-in Dry Ager provides a wide variety of dry aged meat selection to complement the standard butchery.


A kid’s play area with a large red cow defines the final family friendly space.





项目面积:510 m2




首席设计师:Xin Dogterom & Jason Holland


摄影:Brian Chua

Project information——

Completed in: 2019

Size: 510 m2

Location: Huacao Town, Shanghai

Project Type: Retail& Experience Center

Design Firm: STUDIO DOHO

Lead Designers: Xin Dogterom & Jason Holland

Design Team: Su Chen, Jia Menghua

Photography: Biran Chua