“The Roof”特质

“The Roof” Feature


Genthill位于“The roof” 恒基旭辉天地,一个融合了上海传统文化与城市肌理,充满生机活力的创新“里弄”空间,繁茂的绿化和宜人的空间尺度自认而然的将人们带入悠闲缓适的生活状态,让身处繁忙节奏的人们有仿佛漫步在自然中的感受。

Genthill is located in “The Roof”, an innovative “lane” space full of vitality and dynamism, fusing Shanghai’s traditional culture and urban texture, with lush greenery and pleasant spatial scales that naturally bring people into a casual and relaxed state of life, making people feel as if they are walking in nature amid a busy pace. It gives people in the busy pace a feeling as if they are walking in nature.



Unclear Boundary


项目的初衷期望在城市中搭建一座虚拟的山丘,引人在自然的状态中自我探索,与“The roof”的建筑与规划自然理念不谋而合。在这里Genthill不仅仅是一个独立的零售空间,更恰如充分的融入在整体建筑中,像一个开放的社交场所,给人们带来更自然、更舒适的体验。

The original intention of this project is to build a virtual hill in the city, attracting people to explore themselves in a natural state, which is similar to “The roof” concept of architecture and planning nature. Genthill is not only a retail space but also fully integrated into the overall architecture, like an open social place, bringing a more natural and comfortable experience to people.



Construction of The Space



The iconic Florentine red in the interior space and the dramatic and recognizable igneous stone red of the building façade penetrate and merge so that the interior and exterior spaces build a strong interaction in terms of a visual image.


At the same time, combining the planning of the mountainous flow in the interior, the use of wooden materials, and exhibition design with overall clothing and accessories form a realistic and non-realistic mood, which opens up an unknown journey.


During the design process, we gave the display props some innovative definitions to make the whole space looks more integral and interesting. We made the clothes hanging pole follow the structure of “mountain” throughout the space, and let it take the mission of leading the rhythm of this space.



Unbounded Freedom


我们所创造的空间是具有再创造性和动态性的,在设计过程中,我们扔掉一些固有化的标签,使整个空间是跨界的、多样化和多功能的 — 开放式的社交场所、展示的舞台、夜店等等。

The spaces we create are re-creative and dynamic.We threw away some of the preconceived labels in the design process and made the whole space crossover, diverse and multifunctional – an open social space, a showcase stage, a nightclub, and more.

谁能料到“The roof”在某一日会成为秀场?身着Gentlhill的人们穿梭在红色中庭之间,仿佛进入了一个自然开启的秀场。

Who could have predicted that “The roof” would one day become a showroom? People dressed in Gentlhill walk through the red atrium to enter a natural opening show.


期待在“The Roof”邂逅Genthill的魅力

Expect to meet the charm of Genthill at “The Roof”



项目所在地: 中国上海

设计方: XU Studio

设计团队: 丁苓, 何志伟, 王浩辰, 刘志远

施工图: 厉方远

项目面积: 195㎡

材料: 铝板,木纹膜,乳胶漆,地砖

项目年份: 2021

摄影: 黄晓靖

Project information——

Locations: Shanghai, China

Architects: XU Studio

Design Team: Ling Ding, Mango He, Haochen Wang, Zhiyuan Liu

Construction drawing: Lee

Area: 195㎡

Materials: aluminium sheet, wood grain film, latex paint, tiles

Project Year: 2021

Photographs: Alex Huang