Labour union fashion studio是国内一家美式复古服装设计工作室,该项目位于江苏省南京市的一家新近改造的工业园区中。我们将一个开敞的仓库改造为一处极简而开放的商业空间。在空间中没有像大部分服装零售店中那样设计密集的陈列区域和复杂道具,反而更加关注行走动线与陈列细节的精心营造,使观者本能地更关注到产品本身。

LaborUnion fashion studio is a American style retro fashion design studio in China. The project is located in a Industrial Park in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The designer transforms an open warehouse into a minimalist and open space. In the design of interior space, differently from most clothing stores, LaborUnion does not need display area, Instead, it pays more attention to the clear road line and the details on the display points when entering the space, so that people can pay attention to the product itself.

▲空间概览 Space overview

▲空间轴侧 Axonometric


LabourUnion divides the part of the space. The first floor space is concise and lively. The interior space retains the faced of the original factory building wall in large area.In order to make the project form a contrast, a large area of white paint is used to make the overall vision more open.

▲从入口看向内部 View from entrance to interior 

▲候客区 Main seating area

▲抬高的工作台 Elevated table


Stepping into the working area on the second floor, the designer retained the original building ceiling of the warehouse, and installed slender lights to highlight the top components. The combination of the iron building components and the wall surface of imported birch board makes people feel that there is no lack of mild feeling in the strong space.

▲楼梯 Staircase

▲二层平台,保留仓库原有天花 2F platform,retaining the original ceiling of warehouse

▲家具细节 details

▲与一层空间既分离又联系  separating and connecting with 1F space


The platform on the second floor uses a large area of transparent glass, which not only separates the platform from the first floor area, but also has some interaction and connection, which establishes a more comfortable emotional path and feeling for users to shuttle through the space.

▲家具与空间的关系 The relationship between furniture and space

▲高差多元的一层空间 A first-floor space with multiple height differences

利用交错纵横的内建筑线条将空间分割成不同的区域以增加联系。labour union的呈现状态可以满足业主自主地布置内部展示空间,设计师为此塑造一个具有高度灵活性同时又具有美学感的空间。

At the same time, the space is divided into different areas by using the crisscross vertical and horizontal internal building lines to increase the connection Department.The design concept of labor union shop can satisfy the owner to arrange the internal exhibition space independently. Therefore the designer creates a space with high flexibility and aesthetic feeling.

▲家具与空间的关系 The relationship between furniture and space

▲空间的通透感  Transparency of space

labour union空间的完成让城市中志趣相投的服装设计师、跨界艺术家和vintage爱好者都可以在这里形成自己的舒适圈,让更多关注国内复古文化的人们感受到独特之美。

The completion of the labor union project enables fashion designers, cross-border artists and vintage lovers to form their own comfort circle, so that more people who pay attention to the retro culture in China can feel the authentic cultural beauty.


项目名称:Labour union

项目类型:商业空间 展厅空间 设计工作室








品牌合作:维光照明 臻藏古木 CALLUS

主要用材:木材 金属 清水混凝土 皮革 玻璃