Radius 58是一个新创立的平价时尚眼镜品牌,总部位于圣彼得堡。Radius的创始人是一对年轻夫妇,这对夫妇决定在塞夫凯布尔港(Sevcable Port)开设第二家旗舰店。

Radius 58 is a new eyewear brand based in St. Petersburg, that produces fashionable budget frames of their own design. The founders of Radius are a young couple, the couple decided to open their second showroom in Sevcable Port .




The main art object is a translucent curved piece of polycarbonate, with a soft color gradient, dissolving in space.The movable pink cube forms the rest area.



The structure grows out of the pink floor looks very impressive from the street at night due to the backlight, reflecting in the mirror wall and attracting the attention of passersby.



Pink plays an important visual role in the interior, filling the entire space and dissolving in the upper part of the hall.





项目名称:RADIUS 58 optics 眼镜店

设计团队:DA Bureau



摄影:Sergey Melinikov

Project information——

Project:RADIUS 58 optics

Design Team:DA Bureau


Location:Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Photography:Sergey Melinikov