Not Just Another商店是一个由Me-ji设计的半简约半工业风的商店,位于英国伦敦肖尔迪奇创意中心的红教堂街。

Not Just Another Store is a part minimalist, part industrial storefront located in London, UK, designed by Me-jí. Its located in the heart of Shoreditch’s creative hub, the semi pedestrianized Redchurch Street.


The design of the new retail space intended to communicate the brand’s transformation and location move, from a narrow space on the hectic Shoreditch High Street to a voluminous environment and more relaxed shopping destination. It has been meticulously designed to be inviting to passersby, encourage browsing and to give customers a relaxed shopping experience. The general intention is to impose the feeling of calmness and serenity to visitors.


The previous occupier of the space left a major imprint, this was carefully stripped back and tweaked to communicate the needs of the new client – previous fixings were modified, reused and made modular to encourage re merchandising. The focus was highly placed on durability and functionality, a material palette of dark steel, concrete, marble, glass and fabric were used throughout to give the space its look and feel. The main feature of the space is the “pod” – a space within the space, to be used for art installations, retail campaigns and workshops.





项目名称:Not Just Another商店




摄影:Emily Marshall