Chongqing is a historical city with a cultural heritage of 3,000 years. It is the youngest municipality in China and the largest tourist network in China. The heavy buildings, the main roads and the bridges on the hills are the bridges, and the layers are stacked up, which constitutes the scene of the beautiful and beautiful mountainous city in Chongqing. Especially in the evening, thousands of lights are shining and shining like the sky in the sky. Because of the familiarity, these heavy human environments give us too much inspiration.


In the process of project establishment, our team analyzed the brand positioning of Suning JiWu, the location of Chongqing Raffles project, and the consumer groups facing it. Finally, we decided to use Chongqing‘s urban culture as the core to write Chongqing’s scenes with well-known scenes. story. One is to find the way the scene is expressed, and the other is to find the relationship between them. Considering the younger trend of the consumer groups, we have not simply re-enacted those classic and complex scenes. Instead, we have made these unique visual elements of Chongqing a modern device to make a new minimalist architectural expression. Form a symbolic scene form. When I was a child, I could see the hanging halls, the favorite auditoriums, the yellow banyan trees at the corners, the steps, and the popular light rails. It is a human symbol that can express Chongqing city in our impression.


We have decomposed these elements separately. For example, the art of yellow banyan tree, the light rail car body with books, the roof of the installation hall, the pier of the Lizi dam, etc., which are only visible in Chongqing, are carried out twice by modern means. Design, the formation of a new symbol unit. Also through the common wooden materials, the classical architectural scene of the hanging foot building is expressed in the polar store in a modern and minimalist way, creating a double space in the interior, increasing the layering of the space and Interesting. The light rail track enters from the entrance, passes through the yellow banyan tree, skips the hanging foot, circling to the central area, and tightly surrounding the central library. The whole track is embodied in a bookshelf, which is connected in series to meet the needs of the store books. Around the central library in the light rail track, the top is covered with the installation of the roof of the large auditorium. The bookshelf in the field radiates outward in the form of concentric circles. The rest of the stairs is high and low, resembling the mountains and fitting to Chongqing. The name of the mountain city.


We put these unit symbols of Chongqing classic elements from the outside to the inside, organically connected together, giving them a relationship in a specific environment, creating the subdivision of Suning JiWu and the prototype of the overall scene. , set the product category.


At the same time follow the business logic expressed by the commercial space design, all the symbolic buildings and commodities are connected through a luminous track filled with books, in addition to confessing the dynamic relationship and the divisional commodity logic, it also expresses our A tribute to Chongqing‘s cities and culture.


With the scene design, what we need is to integrate the goods into a real store. We carried out a comprehensive analysis of each item, function, position, style, display method, material, and the degree of integration with the environment, etc. Finally, we took the smear and almost loaded every product and ornament. It is a series of very intense work content, in order to see the state of all the goods entering the store, and then make a full-effect rendering of the scene, so that everything is clear.


From the outside, we can see that we use a fully transparent floor-to-ceiling glass design, which makes the merchandise category, scene story, depth relationship, and cross-industry integration clearly visible. From a distance, we begin to attract consumers’ attention and can observe the main clues of the story. ——The light rail track smashes inside and pulls the consumer to travel inside.

根据商店的面积和原始结构、形状,我们把整个空间从外到内分为三个层次的次序:第一层次序:从左至右是轻轨起点/黄桷树/吊脚楼建筑区, 三大视觉重锤,分别对应的商品是:极物生活类产品、华为5G+IOT,以及苏宁咖啡文创三种引流性和回转率极强的业态,视觉和产品双重的吸引,相得益彰,而且完全覆盖苏宁极物外围的动线,引流性得到极大加强,这也是开业这几天为什么这么多人入店的原因。

According to the size and original structure and shape of the store, we divide the whole space from outside to inside into three levels: first order: from left to right is the starting point of light rail / yellow eucalyptus / hanging foot building area, three major visions The hammers, the corresponding commodities are: the polar life products, Huawei 5G+IOT, and Suning Coffee Wenchuang three kinds of drainage and strong turnover, the visual and product double attraction, complement each other, and completely cover Suning The flow of the periphery of the JiWu has greatly enhanced the drainage, which is why so many people have entered the store these days.

以中央图书馆“言几又”为核心的第二层次序, 这是一个正圆型的类似殿堂的空间,我们不但做了大礼堂屋顶的灯光装置,还用环形台阶抬高了地势,形成中间高四周低的环境,这个圆形图书馆,不但有大量图书可供翻阅,更是全场最大的一个商业绿洲点,消费者逛累了可以坐在台阶上休息、阅览图书,也可以作为阶梯教室传播资讯和活动场地使用。这个休息阅览区因完全处于全场的中心,而且地势较高,可以均衡任意一处销售区域,使得每一个进店消费者可以最快的找到购物之外的乐趣和轻松。除了这些,因为聚合性较强,更可以带动周边一圈最多品类的商品贩卖,手机、国际商品、美妆、个护、极物、儿童等坪效比较高的品类紧紧围绕着圆形图书馆一周。所以把该区域设定为本店最大的SKU 汇聚地带。

The second order of the central library, with the words “Yanjiyou”, is a round-shaped space similar to the temple. We not only made the lighting fixtures on the roof of the grand auditorium, but also raised the terrain with circular steps. Forming a middle and high four-week environment, this circular library not only has a large number of books to be read, but also is the largest commercial oasis point in the whole audience. When consumers are tired, they can sit on the steps and rest, read books, or Use as a lecture room for information and event venues. This rest reading area is completely in the center of the audience, and the terrain is high, which can balance any sales area, so that every in-store consumer can find the fun and relaxation outside the shopping. In addition to these, because of the strong polymerizability, it can also drive the most popular products in the surrounding circle. Mobile phones, international products, beauty products, personal care, polar objects, children and other high-efficiency categories are closely surrounding the round books. So set this area as the largest SKU gathering area in the store.

大家电区域我们用了吊脚楼建筑群的概念,因为建筑比较高,且轮廓灯光照明,可以吸引外围的消费者的目光,并被引进。大家电区我们规避了传统的品牌自有形象模式,打造了同类相似性陈列方法, 使得更加整齐划一,品类清晰,避免了良莠不齐,视觉冲突的弊端。货比三家,变成了货比千家,消费行为变得十分清晰而轻松。

The mains area We used the concept of the sling building complex, because the building is relatively high, and the outline lighting, can attract the attention of the peripheral consumers, and was introduced. In the large household appliances area, we have circumvented the traditional brand image mode and created a similar similarity display method, which makes it more uniform and clear, avoiding the disadvantages of good and bad, visual conflicts. Compared with the three, it became a shop for goods, and the consumption behavior became very clear and relaxed.