Diamonds, hard and shine, have always been indispensable props when people swear in love. Every diamond jewellery will become a mark in the long-term relationship of each couple. Diamonds are mined from the deep valley, through layers of polishing works, finally exudes luster. It is hard, but it is the softest symbol of love.

▲门面效果store facade


The project is located in an open store in Eslite bookstore, Suzhou, with a depth of 6m and a width of 9.4m,with a total area of about 60㎡. The existing ceiling is dark black with equipment pipes. Jewelry is a purposeful consumption, in the traditional closed high-end store design, the customers mainly do window shopping instead of going into the store for the experience and try-it-on. We want to drive more non-target groups into the store to experience jewelry products through the design, and to generate a desire to shop. Make jewelry a necessity in everyday life.

传统珠宝展陈方式较为独立和单一,仅靠黑色绒面玻璃展示柜进行排列组合,空间单调平庸,缺乏吸引力。作为品牌形象店,如何在60 平的空间中回应众多的需求,并打造互动展陈空间成了设计的要点。

Traditional jewelry store is dull with its exhibition, only rely on different arrangements of black suede glass display cabinets, the space is monotony mediocrity and unattractive. As a new flagship store for the brand, how to respond to a large number of needs in a 60sqm space and create an interactive exhibition space has become the main aim of the design.

▲门面效果store facade


How is the gem obtained, only the person who has entered the mine knows. It is clear that the gem is often hidden in a scary, clandestine, mysterious place, and the process and meaning of acquiring the gem seems to go beyond the value of the jewelry itself with more stories. Most people only focus on jewelry, and people with good taste, looking for the story behind jewelry. Gemstones are usually wrapped in ordinary stone, and treasure hunters pay attention only to the stones in the cave, but ignore the beauty of the cave.

▲概念草图With concept sketch


The orbital flow in the cave is the link between gems and jewelry, wealth and darkness, and a special generator in space. Therefore, the design through a continuous form to connect the entire space of various functions and logic: jewelry exhibition, brand display, customer negotiations and other functions.

▲概念图解concept diagram




The generator is a complete streamlined device, which derives a system of functions from height change and thickness change. Generator through the support of thin columns, in the corresponding position to arrange display cabinets, work surfaces and other store functions.Dark gray background, silver diamond ties flying in the space, customers are naturally attracted by the bond, into the exhibition space, appreciate the beautiful jewelry design works. The link is naturally formed at different heights to become arches, smooth display cabinets, comfortable customer service areas, and the spiral tower crowns.

▲前台展览区front display area


In Eslite bookstore, most of the stores are white and wooden decorated, their spaces are relatively homogeneous, lack of attention. The color and shape of this case are greatly different from other stores, and combined with its industry after re-elaborating the new spatial effect. The whole space is wrapped in dark gray stone, a silver bond flying in the air, like a dark black jewelry box exudes a colorful diamond ring, which is a formal metaphor for the project theme.

▲墙面展柜Display box


Dark gray stone creates a dark background like a diamond mine, and the ornamental display cabinet glows like a diamond on the wall. The dark grey stone walls are made of 450x450mm stone pieces, adapting to the entire spatial scale and providing conditions for the display of jewelry. The base modules of different regions are misaligned and snap, simulating the effect of the diamond mine. Some modules are turned into hidden drawers for storage. The original columns are also wrapped in hard stone, forming a multimedia exhibition wall.

▲墙面展柜Display box

▲纽带展柜Display box in the flowing ribbon


The flowing ribbon becomes the main body of the jewelry exhibition, bringing the exhibition space through twisting and height changes, soothe the compactness and climax. The entire bond streamlined shape, wrapped in scaly stainless steel panels, reflects a dazzling glow from every angle. The two light strips meander along the bond, indicating the beginning and turn of the space.



From the west side of the storefronts, the silver ties arched to attract people into the exhibition space with a welcoming gesture. The rising link of the gyration is the creation of another photo taking point in the Eslite bookstore.

▲交流洽谈区exchange area


Entering the exhibition space, customers will feel wrapped in the link of floodlight, along the link, on the left is where couple and shopping guide talk to exchange their views on the unique design of the diamond ring, and on the right is the latest jewelry design products of the season.

▲交易接待区exchange area

▲打卡点turning tower


Continue along the bond, will come to the climax of the entire exhibition, the bond spiraled up, forming a beacon of love throughout the space, As with the design concept of ONE SWEAR jewelry, mediocrity will eventually be replaced by beauty.

▲展品墙display wall


Art is full of passion and dreams, and life is full of edges and corners, we hope that our design is also a co-existence of contradictions, the spirit and the quiet at the same time in this small store, collision, attract the eyes of every customer.
















Project information——

Project Name: Oneswear Jewellery Design Store (Suzhou)

Project Type: Interior

Project Location: 114, Eslite bookstore, 8 Yuelong street, Wuzhong district, Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China

Design team: Parallect Design, Shanghai hengtai architectural design consulting co., LTD

Design Team: Nan.Yang, Shijie.Zhang, Di.Huang, Yitong.Wang, Chen.Zhang

Digital Fabrication: Shanghai OYOUNG Sculpture Co.LTD

Main materials: Stainless steel, dark grey granite, white acrylic

Engineering: Shanghai hengtai architectural design consulting co., LTD

Project cost: 260,000

Type: built


Construction: 2019.09

Area: 60 sqm

Photo: Jieqi.Yao, Yixiang.Wang