SHOWNI,是由英文SHOW和中文拼音“你-NI”组合而成,谐音“秀妮”。“秀妮”是项目甲方的名字,她独自创业,一路艰辛,这间小店便是她梦想的升级。SHOWNI是为初心不改,展现真实自我的隐喻。愿我们每一个人在追梦路上都能 BE OURSELFS AND SHOW OURSELFS.

SHOWNI is a word together English “show” with Chinese “Ni”, it‘s pronouncing as Chinese “秀妮”as my client’s real name. She started her own business and worked hard all the way. This boutique shop is her dream. “SHOWNI” as “秀妮” expressed remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. May each of us be ourselves and show ourselves on the way to chasing dreams.



The way of being a designer is endless and arduous, everyone get a different interpretation and understanding of design in each different stages. In each case, it‘s not just a simply space about design, but also about a unique mind and a particularly story. I have been thinking a very long time for writing something about this project, some notes wrote and deleted, again and again. Until I decide write nothing about my opinion, because I finally find out “ no interpretation is my real interpretation at the moment”.




▲陈列c & d和走道空间



▲平面图,floor plan




For you, for me, for fun.


Project information——

项目地点:江苏省 苏州

Project location: Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province


Project area: 108 square meters

项目主创:阿木 (祝年微)

Designer: Niven


Dseign Team: Min


Design time: March 2019


Completion date: May 2019


Photography unit: Shengsu Architectural Photography