UrbaNàture (hereinafter referred to as UN) is a fashionable lifestyle store that combines fashion and drinks. The founders Sun Ting and Huang Xiaomeng and Shi Xiaoyu, three friends are responsible for the two sections of clothing and drinks.


In order to provide a more advanced shopping experience, we can integrate the various experiences of lifestyle into the same space. Consumers can also enjoy leisure and collect creative inspiration while shopping here.Here, you can not only buy seasonal fashion items, but also a cup of mellow fresh ground coffee.


The store is located at No. 163, Sunshine Road, Jiangyin City, with three floors.


The first floor sells freshly ground coffee, and the spacious and comfortable deck design is dominated by long benches. The spiral staircase with simple color and exquisite shape leads to the second and third floors. The bright space combines the modern, stylish and chic aesthetic features of UrbaNàture in terms of clothing.


The second floor is mainly for women’s wear, with black steel plates and terrazzo stacked. The clothing shopping area is displayed in the form of storage. With the perfect control of light and the combination of two large fitting mirrors, you can enjoy an unconstrained, completely intuitive and independent shopping process.


The third floor is mainly for designer women’s wear, and the style is updated in real time. White as the main theme of the space provides a background for a variety of styles of clothing, with dark green and metal, to create a stylish personality shopping environment.


We use terrazzo, metal, glass, and paint. These materials combine different spaces in the store for superposition and extension. Breaking the conventional “freshness” – is the intuitive feeling that UN hopes to bring to everyone.








项目名称 :UrbaNàture

项目地点 : 无锡江阴

项目面积 :300㎡

设计施工 : 精成空间设计

主创设计 : 苏小烟

空间摄影 :ingallery

主要材料 : 玻璃、水磨石、金属、涂料

Project information——

Project Name :UrbaNàture


Project area:300㎡

Design Team:JCD.Interior Design

The main creative design:Suxiaoyan

Space Photography:ingallery

Main material:Glass, Terrazzo, Steel, Painting