The simpler it is, the easier you can see its essence.


The overall design of ULUCKY takes modern minimalism as the background, extracts the blue color of the island city – Pingtan as the visual focus, and uses the Art Theatre SENSE reconstruction technique to make the habitual life scene become an immersive avant-garde space experiment. As Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate complexity”. Minimalism is a way of life; it lets go of complexity, discards outdated ideas, and makes life simple and extreme.


The building has square structure, and the facade abandons all decorations, and only adopts linear stripes to echo the rolling pattern of the beach. The blue glass opens a window on the concave and convex elevation, which is like the changeable transition between dream and reality, attracting people to enter this dark blue and mysterious land.


The indoor space continues the temperament of simplicity and frankness; the open layout and the synergistic effect of light and shadow were boldly used to gradually expand the depth of space. The plain light grey acts as the background color. The high saturation blue spreads from the floor window at the entrance to the wall details. Under the interweaving and shading of natural light and recessive light bands, it forms a gradual changing blue space art experience.


This avant-garde personality is further sublimated by the wave board device with metal texture on one side of the counter, which breaks the silence of space with the flowing rhythm and light and shadow mapping, and makes it have the broad and deep image of the ocean. For diners, the process of enjoying dessert is transformed into an interactive exhibition of taste, vision and imagination.


The embedded blue space surrounds the ritual sense of solitude in the quiet corner, while the large long table at the entrance takes into account the interaction between many diners. The interesting design of the stepped area is not only the transitional grey space, but also accommodates more functions for the limited space. A series of space operations are not disorderly at all, which is the best solution of the designers after the rational analysis and artistic perception.


This store witnesses a couple to realize their little dreams. Every ordinary goal gives life a vigorous impetus because of the existence of creation. Food is the product of superposition of emotion and handicraft. Exploring more diversified manifestations of catering industry in an artistic way is the greatest respect for the food itself. In this case, through the sensory shaping that directly reaches people’s hearts, people can feel that the way in which art is integrated into life can also be so pure and tacit.




Project information——


Interior Design: Dacheng Design


Location of Project: Pingtan, China


Project Area: 70 square meters


Date of Completion: February 2019


Chief Designer of Project: Xie Suting


Collaborative Designer: Chen Shengzhong


Lighting Consultant: Xu Fengbing


Photographer: Li Di