「星卡里 CHA FOR U」是重庆本土的饮品类连锁品牌。本项目既是其首创店的回归也是全新升级的旗舰店。品牌方为此提出了“白日梦想家”的新标语。

CHA FOR U is a local beverage chain brand in Chongqing. The project is not only the return of its first store, but also a newly upgraded flagship store. Therefore, the branding party come up with a new slogan of ‘Daydreamer’

「星卡里 CHA FOR U」位于龙湖重庆时代天街的临街铺面,拥有8米高14米宽的大型展面。希望通过空间设计提升店铺体验感,以更好的品质回馈所有的新老顾客,同时立体地塑造出更具年轻活力的品牌形象。

CHA FOR U is located in the storefront of LongHu Times paradise walk, with a large exhibition area of 8 meters high and 14 meters wide. It is hoped that the customer experience can be enhanced through space design, thus a better quality will be brought to new & old customers. In the meantime, a more youthful and dynamic brand image will be created.


The original design concept was based on the slogan ‘Daydreamer’, soon the positive and uplifting brand image is also combined. Where the brand emanates from, where the brand is spreading. Additionally, dreams are also growing here, with creating all the possibilities. Therefore, the space design concept of ‘Dream divergent’ is proposed, which aims to give it a more recognizable space mark and deliver a real refreshing experience to customers entering the store.


Centering on the abstract concept of ‘Dream and Divergence’, it is hoped that the overall image and customer experience are well connected, so that consumer can feel the new style of the brand naturally. In addition, this goal can be achieved by coordinating the facade form, space layout, and material collocation.


On the wide exhibition surface corresponding to the bar area, the whole facade is formed in the form of ‘dream particles’. Additionally, three models with different thicknesses are set up to form a visual feeling of bouncing with freely combined particles of different heights. Moreover, the fully customized aluminum plate material presents a completely different color with the change of light. Therefore, the overall abstract combination leaves each viewer enough imagination. Apart from that, there is an outdoor lounge area on the right side, which blends in with the relaxed atmosphere of the whole block. Furthermore, the transparent glass facade of the entrance brings in a lot of natural light to the front, which becomes a bright presence on the street.


In terms of spatial planning, the main consideration is to connect the bar and the small exhibition hall as a whole, so as to connect consumers with ‘order’ , ‘pick up’ , ‘exhibition’ and ‘leisure’ in a smooth movement line.


The rest area of the interior space is another form of ‘dream particles’, which means the particles are representing the open and well-combined tables, chairs and green plant areas.


Moreover, the small exhibition hall is a separate semi-open state, where dining and viewing do not affect each other.


In this case, customers can choose suitable seats freely or sit around with a group of people for leisure. Additionally, the solid wood custom furniture with soft radian will make people feel more warm and comfortable. Besides that, the most inner image wall also echoes the beautiful imagination of ‘Daydreamer’.


This design is the first time for the brand to introduce real green plants and log materials into the space. The appropriate white space proportion balances the theme and abstraction, and increases more perceptible vitality.


Space upgrading is an important part of brand image upgrading. It establishes the core space tone for the brand and integrates the brand culture and selling points. Translating warm and resonant space in a moderate form has become an important way of communication between brands and customers.



项目名称: 星卡里旗舰店

设计方: 勉强设计事务所

设计时间: 2021年12月

竣工时间: 2022年4月

主创及设计团队: 黎俊波 唐文琦 高兴

项目地址: 重庆市渝中区时代天街B馆L1

建筑面积: 130㎡

摄影: 日野摄影工作室

使用材料: 铝板、 实木、 艺术漆