The project is located on the ground floor retail level of a high-rise apartment in Hangzhou. The owner is a young couple who have been in love for five years. The boy wants to open a unique bubble tea store for the girl who loves bubble tea as proof of love.


The floor height is nearly 7M, the width is only 3.6m, so the height-width ratio of nearly 2:1 creates a long and dark space.


Obviously, if the normal retail space is arranged, the whole interior will be dull and even expose more of the drawbacks of the space itself!


After careful consideration, we decided to build a church theme bubble tea store for two main reasons. First, because of this special spatial form-the ratio of length, width and height are suitable for the church space, the lighting can also be reshaped more accurately. The second is because of the sanctity of the church, the sense of ritual, which implies the preciousness and beauty of the love of the owner.


The church space is taken as the basic prototype. Through studying the typical church space and layout, combining the site condition and program, the arch structural elements are extracted. The design follows the symmetry of the church and the lighting design is also fully considered throughout the space so that the atmosphere of the church permeates the whole store.


The site is in a“L”shape. Program is layout according to the linear space: the vestibule and seat area are in the north and south longitudinal direction, then the platform raised up, cashier and stairs are in the east and west transverse direction, stair connects the bakery on the second floor.


The vestibule is different from the conventional welcoming program, it is more like a garden serving as a transportation hub.


In terms of materialization, the floor is composed of terrazzo and irregular marble tiles. The texture of the stone is different than the traditional church which gives the delightful and natural feeling for the young customers.


In terms of the concept, we set a single stage at the entrance. When entering the church, we first pass through a sacred stage, and this considers as a routine for entering the space.


In the seat area, we hope to transform the identification of “store” into “place”, integrating the common pews in the church with the wall, so as to start the dialogue between people and places.


In order to extend the linear feeling of the space, we designed long vertical (or horizontal?) windows on the two sides of the walls. The openings covered by stained glass pieces; the inside becomes a void cavity. The artificial light comes from the sides of the opening which creates the feeling of the natural day light.


Stained glass, crystal brick and glass brick are the main materials, and their characteristics are highlighted by the lighting, making space pure and spiritual.


At the end of the space is a raised up platform, where people can sit on a circular ring. At the same time, there is a circulating water system and a water mechanism below to create mist. Above is a little starry sky, creating a paradise scene.


Behind the platform is stained glass with the word “T”, which is combined with four-color glass. On one hand, it strengthens the brand identification, on the other hand it makes the light more concentrated so that the lighting transmits the spirit.


Beneath heaven, mist swirls; Above the heavens, the stars are shining.As a result, the church theme bubble tea store has completed the three overtures: heaven, earth, and people. The entrance garden space is the “earth”; the communal seat area in the middle is the “people”; the rising platform space is the “heaven”.


We hope this is a spiritual, ceremonial, and inclusive place for bubble tea lovers, which the church is the destination of that!





项目名称:TT TO THE TEA教堂奶茶店

设计方:JK DESIGN STUDIO(杭州边界建筑设计有限公司)


项目设计 & 完成年份:设计:2020年1月 完成:2020年5月

主创及设计团队:主创:周俊凯JK  设计团队:何叶峰 诸葛耐克






客户:TT TO THE TEA_李宏基