Luneurs Rockbund is located in one of the most distinguished and historic areas of Shanghai, The Bund. The restaurant and bakery is found on Level one of the National Y.W.C.A Building, a beautiful piece of heritage Architecture completed in 1933.


For this space, we explored the concept of “utility”. A design adhering to an unfussy, minimalistic, and useful aesthetic. We took note of the ornamental Architecture of the bund and the Y.W.C.A Building itself and wanted to create a space that complemented, rather than competed with the heritage features.


The concept was influenced by the humble aesthetic of utilitarian spaces, these areas tending to discard elements and accessories which become inconvenient in favor of the practical. This motivated us to create a space that was more exposed and intentional, using modest materials and revealing details rather than hiding them.


However, it was also important to balance this raw, functional aesthetic against the welcoming, familial brand of Luneurs. To do so we introduced a sense of elegance, warmth and domesticity with timbers and lamps, alongside a collection of informal furniture to instil a laid back atmosphere.


Due to the existing layout of the building, the private and public spaces were divided into 5 distinct interior zones. This included the kitchen, a large bakery and training area, the main counter space, a separate dining/ retail area and finally a small ice cream takeout window.


The main counter area features an incredibly striking and decorative heritage ceiling, mirrored by a colourful terrazzo floor. It was clear from the outset that the design needed to celebrate and respect these features. To do so we created the central booths, styled in a deep red in co-ordination with the existing.


The laminate ply tables celebrate simple materials, yet the glossy finish atop reflects the ornate ceiling above. Walls were treated with rough plaster and acoustic materials, a plain mirror again highlighting the patterned beams and glass ceiling.


Rudimentary ikea shelving forms the counter storage – straightforward, affordable and practical. The wooden bakery display brings a softer touch to the space, a nod to the familiar material used throughout other Luneurs locations. This sits alongside the sharp, steel presence of the icecream counter and custom signage – clamped onto the layers of galvanized steel.


The secondary dining area was a light-filled shell but otherwise bare. We installed granite floor tiles in muted greys, the angular geometric pattern inspired by the neighbouring heritage floor. Cabinetry, shelving, and wait stations throughout provide functional purpose, and were detailed accordingly with various drawers and shelves.


Predominantly freestanding to offer flexibility, these are exaggerated adaptions of commercial stainless-steel units. Some shelving units are even bakery trays, repurposed with basic ply shelves. With utility in mind, we designed with very modest, ordinary, and hard-wearing materials that are not only ubiquitous in China, but also in utilitarian spaces, such as steels, laminates, ply and hardwearing PU.


We introduced the variety of clamp lighting as a subtle, yet unconventional approach for the commercial setting, allowing us to expose the detail and practical aspect of the lighting with a domesticated touch. Most of this lighting is intended to adjust and move, responding to the needs and functions of the space.


Whilst using the concept as a driver, we also wanted to ensure the interior remained elegant and welcoming. Some features, such as the diamond plate wall panels for example, which protect against wear and tear are a more literal translation of the concept. Whilst in other areas the “utility” is applied more vaguely, as mere inspiration, enabling us to introduce the warm, softer elements that coexist alongside.



Designers statement:

Working with the heritage building was both a blessing and a challenge for this project. We wanted the existing ceiling and floor to remain prominent, and as such our design needed to celebrate these features without detracting from them.


项目名称:Luneurs 洛克外滩源店



主创设计师:Hannah Churchill

首席设计师:Alex Davies

设计团队:Xiao Long、Pony Tseng、Florencia Gutierrez、Yicheng Zeng




摄影:Brian Chua





Project Name:Luneurs Atelier

Design Firm:hcreates interior design


Principle Designer:Hannah Churchill

Lead Designer:Alex Davies

Design Team:Xiao Long, Pony Tseng, Florencia Gutierrez, Yicheng Zeng

Project Location:133 Yuanmingyuan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Completion Year:2023

Gross Built Area:430sqm

Photo Credits:Brian Chua


General Contractor:Hengpin

Branding & VI:Luneurs