Fujian is known for its “Shanhai Pass Gallery, a blessed place on earth” geography, while “Min is in the sea” is an old saying from the “Shanhaijing-haineinanjing”, it is a poetic expression of the features of Fujian’s landscape, permeating the rich texture of the earth, forming a colorful cultural accumulation, but also the achievement of a unique delicious experience.


As an expression of the theme of the Fujian Clubhouse-hangzhou space, the design aims at the modern presentation of the native land culture. With a few strokes, the whole Fujian will be enlivened in the space, the unique geographical unit leads to connect the dynamic lines of time and space into Fujian in series, combined with the common language of Fujian culture, forming a sustainable brand of cultural experience core.


Suddenly enlightened


The space cloth of Shizuo Fujian clubhouse is arranged around the core cylinder, which gives diners the ultimate visual experience with three sides of the city scenery. Step out of the elevator, greeted the eye is a deep canyon air, with both sides of the carved rust stone encircled a very Fujian temperament canyon landform. As he slowly entered, his mood slowly brewed with the bursting of his imagination. At the moment when he rushed out of the canyon, the bustling city came to him, forming a subtle connection between nature and modernity.

回首望去,峡谷的另一端陈列着承载着福建在地人文气质的艺术与技艺, 以多维的对话开启了八闽大地风物美味的江南故事。

Looking back, the other end of the canyon displays the art and art of carrying the local cultural temperament of Fujian, with multi-dimensional dialogue to open the eight Fujian Earth delicious stories of Jiangnan.


At the end of the canyon, the design draws on the endless charm of Chinese character deconstruction to present the brand’s visual signature at the entrance to the space, and the atomization system at the top has done much to promote this sense of ritual. The design blends the natural landform and the local culture, Will Fujian people struggle the spiritual core translation into the new urban spirit, passes through the space to each dining experience person.

依托场地的层高优势,设计以空间的内建筑思维为核心表达,用松弛自然的设计语言将福建的山地河海在空间中具象化呈现,以闽地核心文化精神驱动品牌价值的生长, 使其更契合现代人对餐饮空间的精神诉求。

Relying on the height of the site, the design takes the internal architectural thinking of the space as the core expression. With the relaxed and natural design language, the mountainous Ha Hai in Fujian province is embodied in the space, drive the growth of the brand value by the core culture spirit of Fujian, make it more accord with the spiritual pursuit of modern people to the dining space.


Dinning according to water


By means of the spatial structure, the multi-geomorphologic features of Fujian are scattered and reorganized to form the multi-dimensional rich experience of the space. In the public area on the left, the designers visually present the waterfront through the introduction of water features. The raised part is like a wharf that extends into the blue sea. A few friends gather to watch the sunset and the night sky of the city, the building of prosperous city is like the ship in the city ocean, let a person have the hope of return.


The setting of the front desk, combined with the structure of the space, is presented in the form of a hotel reception, and the sunken area is connected to the long dark bar. In the light of the candlelight, the entire floor-to-ceiling window brings the city into full view, fully release diners waiting for the process of anxiety.


The grand cantilevered structure and height of the building provide excellent conditions for design expression, adapting to the steel beams on the structure, defusing the influence of the structure with the continuous triangular structure through the inversion of the wooden roof, form a shelter, in the sense of order in the array close to the city ocean, for diners to enjoy the psychological safety of the high outside the feeling.


In the appearance of scattered seats in public areas, the wooden wall and the table top are interspersed to divide the moving line function, and through the combination of holes and long tables, the space is interlinked, mobile and private, set aside a comfortable social distance for the public area, create a pass-through and impenetrable fun feeling.


In the space of commercial food and beverage where every inch counts, the proper application of the receiving system has always been an important functional point. The design combined with the space characteristics, without sacrificing the volume ratio of the space to hide a large number of reserved space for logistics storage to do enough thinking, fully reflects the design of practical and perfectionist value. In the landscape vegetation inspired from the soil burst out of the original force, the gesture of bone fluttering also gives the space smart light temperament, in the strict matrix produced infinite vitality.


The form and structure of the large block surface strengthen the depth feeling of the space. The design combines the conception of reuse with the material of bamboo, and creates the space order with the same concept, forming the space form with the sense of continuity and balance, and the subtle harmonious rhythm continues the diversity of space aesthetics and function.


Social folding distance


The social distance of public space has always been the end of design thinking, and it can create a sense of comfort in the distance to ensure that each other is not disturbed. With the help of minimal lighting, the design focuses diners’ eyes on the dining table and the unlimited cityscape outside the window. Wooden gentle, so that eating out can also feel at home at ease, restrained metal decoration in the natural interest and has a bit of modern temperament.


The construction of the spatial dynamic line, combined with the designer’s understanding of the needs of daily behavior, emphasizes the flow of the overall space, diners can freely shuttle between, in a sense broke through the limitations of the Space Division.

公共就餐区的玻璃包厢借由艺术化处理,与整个空间的空灵水境相呼应。延续席作·福建会馆 上海店的首创,服务式内廊的设计将传菜路线与客人动线分离,长虹玻璃搭配有当代轻奢的铜门装置化呈现,双户开阖让进出的仪式感倍增且更为私密。这些别出心裁的关注,都来源于设计师基于品牌运营细节的思考与积累。

The glass box in the public dining area echoes the ethereal water environment of the whole space by means of artistic treatment. The design of the service-style inner corridor separates the passing route from the moving route of the guests, and the Changhong Glass is combined with the contemporary installation of the light and luxurious copper door, the opening and closing of the two families adds a sense of ritual and privacy to the entrance and exit. These innovative attention, are derived from the designer based on the brand operation details of the thinking and accumulation.


Based on the Chinese Catering Culture, the dining system in the selection of transparent glass box restaurant is extremely rare. The design of the hall is based on the rich visual experience. It chooses to challenge the convention and make the visual interaction between inside and outside become a fashionable attitude towards life. It makes the dining experience focus more on one’s inner world, take care of the wonderful enjoyment of food.


Reprint scenery & feeling


If the left side is the calm meandering of the sea, then the right side represents the Majestic Mountains of Fujian. The design combines the spatial characteristics of the natural geomorphology height variation into the space skillfully. Granite, as a typical texture of the eight Fujian landmasses, is skillfully applied in the spatial structure, and the geomorphologic characteristics of the mountain rock path are leisurely presented by fitting the structural relationship. Morning Light, light and shadow along with the steps in the climbing, wandering, forming a unique style.


Walking up the stairs, it is like walking through the boundless mountains and forests. The surreal cultural language creates a picturesque scene, just like the extreme height and open perspective of the Shizuo-fujian Guild Hall.


Walking up the stairs, one side of the water was like the scenery of the sky and the lake above the mountains. The mountain stream and the lake were like a fairyland as they walked down the stairs. In the morning or under the night sky outside the window, they reflected a subtle and beautiful arc of light. The grandeur of the bustling city and the natural way of doing things are not alarmed, but also implies the core values of the brand, living in the downtown and the balance between the valley orchid.


By virtue of its superior spatial structure, the more private and quiet mini-booths around the core cylinder provide another kind of social zone of insight for friends and lovers. Day or night, the magnificent beauty of the city of Vientiane creeps into the interior through the long corridors, leaving a warm and sweet memory in the silence.


In the setting of part of the box, the golden sphere in the middle of the upper part of the space has a strong metal visual feeling, which arouses people to re-examine the shape aesthetics and material aesthetics. The overall use of color for the space to create a sense of calm texture of the tone. Box side room configuration of the space can also be used as a tea room or more passenger dining area, to meet the needs of different scene switching.


With its natural height and location advantages, it is the ultimate dining experience overlooking the Qiantang River River. The design adapts to local conditions, blending the outdoor urban landscape and river view into the space, while enjoying the extreme scenery, highlighting the brand’s core positioning height.


High-quality original home to create a comfortable feeling of the house, the Tea Room is also tailored for the brand space, fully reflects the brand’s quality and taste, both art and daily abundance.


As the most traditional local material in south Fujian, the Tea Room in the box, with its background of red brick on part of the building, creates a sense of leisure for the space, and expresses the unadorned and unadorned scene of life through the space, let people feel different warmth.


Nature texture reflect culture


Known for its slowness, the red brick ancient cul-de-sac, with its sparkly warmth, is rooted deep in its genes. Life should not be rushed through life, the Inklings picked up in the daily mist, just become the potential energy of life. Red brick light and shadow, old stone slab, the vegetation with branches standing upright, a tea ceremony, designed to use the most plain language, in the space of the leisure and daily life of the min school to form a new picture of urban life.


The box on the right is named after Dai Yun, Wuyi, taimu, hawksbill turtle and bopingling, which correspond to the mountains in the southeast and northwest of Fujian, and echo the cultural expression from the artistic point of view.


The unique volcanic landscape of Zhangzhou, home to some of the world’s 10 Most Beautiful Islands, is home to age-old basalt walls. The design abstracts the concept of“Gold is born in stone” from the five elements theory, uses the copper plate to display the cliff wall shape for the box artistic vision, and translates the multi-level geomorphology to the space language.


The goal of design is not performance, aesthetic and functional is only the basic elements of space, how can let the space become the spiritual nourishment resort, quiet, comfortable, pleasant, relaxed, let familiar scenery and material become the main character of the space. Now be a hedonist, forget everything else, and we just talk, share, drink tea, eat, look out the window. In some cases, the purpose of the design is limited to this: to have a relaxed and natural meal with the people around you. Space conveys a sense of liberation, a tight link between each other, food and life through the design of the power and temperature release slowly.


Located at Hangzhou Gaode Land, the restaurant is another collaboration between Zhang Wei and Shanghai cuisine, following the Xintiandi of the restaurant. As the representative brand of Fujian cuisine, this design is also a reflection on the brand culture and aesthetic space, a space story from other places to restore the homeland, in the distinctive character of the city to form a new food and beverage cultural landmarks.




项目地址:中国 杭州







Project Information——

Project name:Xi Zuo·Fujian Clubhouse

Project Unit:Xiamen Shangdiemei Food & Beverage Management Co. , Ltd.

Project address:China, hangzhou

Design Co. , Ltd:WWD Xiamen Yiwang Yivertical Design Engineering Co. , Ltd

Design director:Zhang Wei

Soft IOutfitting Design:Yijiesheng

Construction Unit:Hangzhou Sesame Decoration Engineering Co. , Ltd

Completion date:2022

Project photography:Xu Yiwen、Lao Jin、Zhang Wei