Joy is an ability

Since then, I lie on the green and stop looking for meaningless things.

Enjoy the quiet time, for every single second and minute



Brand interpretation of gaga



Joy in life doesn’t just happen at a specific time and place, and we don’t need to look for it hard. As gaga advocates “full-time hedonism”, it brings new vitality and enthusiasm to different cities. gaga and we always hope to open up an “oasis” outside the busy urban life, where people can enjoy life wholeheartedly.


01城市(时代的丰富性)City (Richness of Times)



In today’s fast-paced society, the breathing of cities becomes rapid, and the boundaries between life and work become blurred. The whole city is in a state of bondage. Although it runs very fast, it is not free. The original intention of this design is to draw an oasis in the city, so that people can slow down here, enjoy a moment’s leisure, and feel the pleasure brought by free thinking and socializing. We hope it can give life some respite and let people find the joy in life.


02绿洲(模糊界面 拉近与城市的距离)Oasis (Fuzzy interface narrows the distance with the city)



In this design, the original exterior wall glass of the building is removed and retreated, thus forming a concave-convex relationship with staggered peaks on the facade. By doing so, the interface of the original building can be blurred and the distance from the city can be narrowed. In addition, the transparent facade can make the external line of sight better extend to the inside of the space, and make the whole “oasis” form a semi-open community space, so the social relationship between people can be extended more comfortably here.


自然属性/Natural attribute



In the application of materials in space, mild wood with green plants is the main design, which transforms the relationship between people and things from the industrial attribute of the city to the natural attribute, and at the same time, it also creates an oasis environment with scenes for the dining space. In terms of spatial temperament, it avoids giving people a feeling of “efficiency” as much as possible. In terms of color and material selection, “biological affinity” should be reflected as much as possible. There are traces of the original buildings in the space, which makes them not form a strong sense of separation, and keep a kind of opposition and unity with each other.


The design of the built-in table also shows diversity, which well meets the dining needs of different groups in different time periods. The soft light just illuminates the dining area, and combines the warm wood color with the brand’s unique dark green as the space tone, which can give customers a relaxed and natural dining atmosphere. The capture of light and shadow is the best record of the passage of time, because the life of light is powerful, it slowly leaves traces on materials and forms, and reflects the flow of time and space. The two are well integrated and unified.


03生活(内心的平衡与快乐)Life (Inner Balance and Happiness)



The design of dining space meets the dining requirements and diverse social needs of different groups of people, so as to ensure that different groups can come here to eat at various time periods. “Oasis” is located in the city, so it is undoubtedly the best arrangement to provide leisure space where you can enjoy all kinds of meals during the whole time. Full-time dining space is also the best response to the variety of our jobs and the diversity of our social needs.


Re-assigning the more integrated living conditions, while the scene-based dining space presents a light dining and community-based cultural atmosphere, which is consistent with gaga’s brand philosophy, that is, exploring a truly suitable lifestyle and finding inner balance and happiness. It is not necessarily the best to pursue efficiency and speed blindly. It is also very important to create a space with a sense of belonging and optimize the quality of life of urbanites. We hope that people can relax and live a leisure hedonistic life, that is, get together, chase light and shadow, and enjoy peace.


On the ceiling, several wooden boards are staggered horizontally and vertically, and holes of different sizes are randomly opened on the boards. The “simplicity” of the plate is like a canvas foundation, which highlights and strengthens the “complexity” of the smallpox pipeline system that should have been hidden inside through the opening of the plate and the gap between the plates.


生长不熄/Grow and grow



When work and life are intertwined, it is increasingly rare for us to have the opportunity to enjoy the purely self-contained time in our lives. It may be more meaningful for us to leave room for breathing in this city and regain the joy of life in the oasis. gaga storefronts have landed in different cities, which is the starting point, but far from the end point.





项目名称  |  gaga 深圳宝安大仟里

项目地点  |  广东  深圳大仟里

项目面积  |  451㎡

完工时间  |  2022.11

项目业主  |  gaga鲜语

设计公司  |  UND设计事务所  VDO设计

主创设计  |  马英康  马衍浩  张明统  王润维  黄树斌

参与设计  |  周昊辉  谭炫华  陈希雯  莫受觉  黄爽

主要材料  |  艺术漆  木纹铝板  木纹贴膜

施工团队  |  深圳市领尚装饰设计工程有限公司

项目摄影  |  小乐